Best Credit Card Offers Out There Today

We’ve chosen our awards of Best Credit Cards 2013 to help you get the most out of your credit card for your financial situation. Because everybody has a unique situation and lifestyle we’ve categorized the Best Credit Cards 2013 awards featuring the top pick for 2013 in each category along with other offers that might better fit your needs.

As you peruse the categories of our Best Credit Cards 2013 award winning credit card applications, you’ll see that for 2013 there are a lot of very lucrative credit card rewards programs and long term 0% introductory APR offers where many of the deals that also have no annual fee.

It’s time to show you the Best Credit Cards 2013 award winning credit card applications in the top consumer categories.

Best Credit Cards 2013 – Balance Transfers Top Pick

The Best Credit Cards 2013 – Balance Transfer Credit Card award goes out to the Discover® It® Card because you get a long duration 0% intro APR for 18 months with no annual fee and best of all, when you apply right now for the Best Credit Cards 2013 Balance Transfer offer, you also earn cash back rewards!

The most popular category consumers are applying for are balance transfer credit cards. There are millions of people working their way out of credit card debt and the easiest way to pay down credit card debt is to freeze interest rates on your balance with a 0% intro APR balance transfer card.

Top Rated 0% APR Credit Card for Purchases

The Discover® It® Card

The Best Credit Cards 2013 award in the 0% APR Credit Cards category is a double honors award winner, the Discover® It® Card – Featuring up to 20% Bonus Cash Back rewards when you shop through the Discover online store plus get 5% bonus cash back rewards in categories that rotate every 3 months.

You’ll get all these cash rewards plus on top of that you can take advantage of the 0% intro rate on both new card purchases and balance transfers for 14 months and you get all this with no annual fee to save you even more money!

Top Travel and Airline Points Credit Card

The winner of the Best Credit Cards 2013 award in the Travel and Airline Credit Cards category is the The US Airways Premier World MasterCard you can earn up to 40,000 bonus miles plus when you redeem your points, you can get your free flights using 5,000 fewer miles and then on top of that you earn double reward miles on US Airways bookings.

The US Airways card also earns it’s place at the top of the charts for Airline rewards cards because you will also get some VIP privileges such as priority boarding and first class check-in!

You’ll also get the benefit of a 0% intro APR on balance transfers for the first 15 months which is going to save you a lot of money if you have a balance owing at another credit card company.

Apply online now to claim your bonus travel rewards!

Best Credit Card for College Students

This Discover It Card for students features what every college student needs and of course that’s cash back.

When you sign-up for this deal today you can earn $20 cash back by simply using your new student credit card for the first time!

On top of the $20 bonus cash back rewards, you’ll also be able to earn 5% cash back on all your card purchases in categories that change about every 3 months plus earn 1% cash rewards on all your credit card spending!

Best Credit Cards 2013 – Closing Tips

The credit card applications featured above are the Best Credit Cards 2013 award winners and all of the featured offers require you have a credit score between good and excellent credit. If your credit rating is less than good make sure you only apply for our picks of Best Credit Cards 2013 in the categories that apply to your credit situation.

If you’ve got good to excellent credit then it’s time you take advantage of the offer that best fits your personal financial goals and apply now for one of the Best Credit Cards 2013 award recipients above!