Black Credit Cards – Luxury Benefits

There are only 2 Black Credit Cards for the elite upper 1% of Americans that demand living the life of luxury.

Black credit cards are instantly recognizable and provide you with an elite status symbol with luxury perks such as VIP access to airport lounges and give you a personal 24 hour concierge service.

Below are the black credit cards you can take advantage of receiving the luxury benefits you demand with the Visa Black Card and the Black American Express Card, officially called the Centurion Card.

The Visa Black Card is open for applications however the Amex Centurion Card is not, it’s by invitation only to Amex cardholders so you’ll need to hold the American Express Platinum Card first.

Here are the luxury VIP benefits you get when you apply now for the Visa Black Card or the Amex Platinum Card:

Black Credit Cards

Elite people just like you are flocking to the Visa Black Card as their choice for the status symbol that black credit cards offer because Visa accepts applications for consideration into their exclusive membership.

The Black American Express Card is by invitation only and for the most part people like you want the luxury privileges that black credit cards offer as fast as possible.

That’s why the Visa Black Card is the luxury credit card choice of the top 1% of Americans.

The fact is black credit cards are the most prestigious credit cards you can get and they come packed full of exclusive privileges.

Black credit cards give you VIP privileges such as a 24 hour concierge service that books your travel, gets your tickets to events and is even your personal shopper.

There are a lot more benefit black credit cards provide you like upgrades at hotels and resorts so let’s review the only black credit cards to apply for in the United States now.

Black Credit Cards – The Visa Black Card

Elite people like yourself are applying in droves for the Visa Black Card because when choosing between the black credit cards available to you Visa is winning over the Amex Centurion Card because you can get it faster!

The Visa Black Card is one of the most prestigious black credit cards on the market because membership is limited to only 1% of the population of the United States and it’s the most desirable black card because you can actually apply for consideration into this exclusive membership.

Whereas the American Express black credit cards are by invitation only and you have to be an existing Amex card holder first.

Black Credit Cards – The American Express Centurion Card

Another one of the most prestigious credit cards is the American Express Centurion Card however you can not apply for the Black American Express Card, membership is by invitation only.

If you’ve decided that between the 2 black credit cards you want membership to the Centurion Card your going to have to become a member of the Amex Platinum Card first

Amex black credit cards are by invitation only to existing American Express Platinum Card holders

To become one of the elite holders of the Centurion Card apply now to get your Amex Platinum.

Again, between the black credit cards, the Visa Black Card has become the top choice with elite income earners like you, we recommend getting your VIP privileges and apply now for the Visa Black Card.