– Take Advantage of More Rewards The most compelling reason to take advantage of an credit card is the extra Air Miles you can earn by having a card like the American Express Air Miles credit card in your wallet.

Cheap Tramadol From India There are 2 versions of the Amex Canada credit card you can take advantage of earning bonus rewards through your everyday spending. Below is a high level review of Below 2 variations of the credit cards that can help you really accelerate racking up your AirMiles points:

Maximize Your Travel Rewards Miles

Tramadol Online Coupons The best thing about the credit card deals is 2 fold.

follow url The first thing that makes these American Express Canada AirMiles credit card offers really enticing is the fact that you can essentially double up on collecting points because at retailers that accept American Express and participate in the Air Miles loyalty program, you can swipe both cards to earn points with both cards.

Order Tramadol Us To Us If you are planning to use your Air Miles rewards points for travel then the Platinum version of the Amex Canada deal is the way to go because there is no annual fee for the first year and then only $65 / year after that but the extra travel benefits you get make that nominal 2nd year annual fee well worth your while because you get more benefits that will pay for the fee.

see The main added benefit you’ll get when you apply for the platinum version of the Air Miles credit card offer is car rental theft and damage insurance and if you’re a frequent flyer you know first hand that rental car insurance can cost anywhere between $20 to $35 / day, meaning that if you rent a car for just 3 days the annual fee has paid for itself.

watch However if you are adverse to annual fees the regular American Express Air Miles Credit Card is still a really great offer.

Amex – Award Winning Credit Card Deals Whether you apply for the Amex Air Miles Platinum Card or the regular version of the card you can rest-assured that you are making a smart decision for earning more Air Miles travel rewards. Both cards have received the honor of being the best travel points credit card in Canada for travel rewards credit cards both with & without an annual fee.

Plus both credit cards give you bonus Air Miles rewards upon making your first purchase, 500 Bonus Miles with the platinum offer & 150 Bonus Miles with the regular offer.

Frequent Flyers that collect Air Miles points simply can’t go wrong with the travel rewards programs, apply online today using our secure links above for the version of the American Express Air Miles rewards credit card that’s going to best fit your needs!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the deals please go ahead and submit your thoughts on this blog review post now.

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