Review of the Best AeroPlan Credit Card Offers in Canada

Best AeroPlan Credit Card

What is the Best AeroPlan Credit Card?

We realize that saying these deals are the best AeroPlan credit card deals in Canada is a subjective statement.

So, first off we’re going to tell you we think these are among the top air miles credit cards out there for people with excellent credit because of the bonus points rewards program as well as the added perks you get when you become an American Express Canada cardholding member.

You’ll notice there are 3 versions of the American Express AeroPlan credit card which cater to different levels of VIP treatment American Express is best known for.

We’re going to share the key benefits each level of the AeroPlan credit cards gives you, then we’ll go into a detailed review of each offer so you can choose the level of perks that are going to work best for your lifestyle.

Here is a top level review of the benefits you get when you sign-up right now:

American Express AeroplanPlus Card – Entry Level Offer Review

5 / 5 stars     

The entry level, the AeroPlan Gold card, is a really great card for people that want to earn travel rewards including bonus miles.

When you apply for the entry level Aeroplan credit card offer you can take advantage of getting 5,000 bonus air miles after making your first purchase on your card.

You will also earn 1 mile for every dollar you spend using your card.

You’ll also enjoy paying no annual fee for the first year!

The AeroplanPlus Gold credit card is best suited for people that don’t want or care about getting any luxury perks but want to earn travel points on Air Canada and Star Alliance airlines.

American Express AeroplanPlus Gold Review

5 / 5 stars     

The Gold card offer is the best AeroPlan credit card for people looking for lots more bonus air miles points along with extra benefits from their credit card.

This version of the American Express Aeroplan credit card offer is best suited for people that want the most travel perks such as the bonus rewards along with items like flight delay insurance, baggage insurance, hotel burglary insurance and even more complimentary travel insurance benefits.

When you apply online using our secure application link above you get 15,000 bonus points upon making your first purchase, then upon making an additional $1,000 in purchases within the first 3 months you’ll get an additional 5,000 bonus air miles!

Plus with this level, you can accelerate your points earnings by 25% & earn 1.25 miles for every $1 you spend on your AeroPlan Gold card!

Then there’s the added benefit of the complimentary travel insurance products you get as a card holding member of this rewards program.

Here’s a list of the extra travel perks you get when you apply online for the American Express AeroplanPlus Gold credit card:

  • Flight Delay Insurance – Up to $500 to cover hotels, restaurants & other expenses.
  • Baggage Insurance – To $500 in reasonable late, lost or stolen luggage expenses
  • Hotel Burglary Insurance – Up to $500 in coverage if your room is burglarized
  • Receive up to $500,000 in Travel Accident Insurance
  • Travel Emergency Assistance – Receive help with everything you need
  • The Aeroplan Plus Gold credit card from American Express is packed full of extra benefits and bonus rewards however there is a $120 annual fee to become a member but that fee is well worth the price when you consider the cost of the travel insurance benefits you’re getting.

    This is a excellent rewards credit card for frequent flyers.

    Take advantage of the bonus points program and the travel benefits you get when you apply online now!

    American Express AeroplanPlus Platinum – Luxury Card Offer Review

    5 / 5 stars     

    The AeroPlan Platinum card offer from American Express Canada is designed specifically for Canadians with elitist expectations in life. The AeroplanPlus Platinum credit card is for those people that understand paying a high annual fee is well worth the VIP benefits you get with a membership in a prestigious program like this.

    When you sign up for this elite credit card offer you are going to get a lot of great luxury benefits that you’re going to love having, not to mention all the extra bonus rewards like 2 for 1 airline tickets when you book a companion flight using your AeroPlan Miles and the 25,000 bonus miles you can earn fast.

    The list of VIP benefits is a long list which is a very good thing if you’re into a luxury lifestyle, so we’re going to point out the VIP benefits we think every elitist Canada frequent flyer will love:

  • Priority Check In – Avoid airport check-in lines
  • Access to VIP Airport Lounges
  • You can by-pass long security lines
  • Receive bonus perks at luxury Fairmont Hotels
  • The features listed above are just some of the really great luxury perks you get with the Platinum card.

    The AeroPlan Platinum offer from American Express is the best AeroPlan credit card for people that expect a VIP treatment and have the money to afford the higher than normal annual fee but understand the value in paying a nominal price for getting the VIP perks this card offers.

    Apply online now & start traveling in total luxury!

    If you have any questions or comments about any of the 3 Aeroplan credit card offers featured above or have your own review of one of these American Express airline rewards cards, please get hold of us either by submitting your comments below on this blog review posting or by using the Contact Us link at the top of this page.

    5 / 5 stars     

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