Review of the Choice & ChoicePlus Credit Card Offers from American Express Canada

Choice Credit Card

ChoicePlus Versus Choice Credit Card Review

The ChoicePlus & Choice credit card offers are designed for people who want to create their own credit card rewards program to earn the most points at the places you shop at most.

Credit card rewards offers are typically geared around earning travel rewards or cash back rewards for pre-selected types of spending like certain airlines or hotels for travel reward offers and particular categories of spending for cash back reward programs such as gas stations and grocery stores.

The great thing about the Choice credit card offers from American Express Canada is you get to pick the top stores where you earn the most points from a list of popular select merchants.

Here is a high level review of benefits you’ll get when you apply for either the Choice credit card or the ChoicePlus card from Amex Canada:

Choice Card from American Express Canada Review of Benefits

5 / 5 stars     

Choice Card from American Express Canada Review of Benefits

5 / 5 stars     

About the Choice Credit Card Flexible Rewards Programs

Both the Choice & ChoicePlus reward card programs give you the choice from a list of preselected merchants ranging from travel, retail to health and beauty stores plus a whole lot more places where you shop everyday, you can even get rewards on your cell phone plan!

Let’s get into the details of each version of the Choice Credit Card from American Express Canada now.

Choice Credit Card Review & Comparison

Here is a comparison of the ChoicePlus Card versus the Choice credit card from American Express:

The ChoicePlus Card offer from American Express Canada is by far a better deal than the lower end Choice Card offer because of all the bonus rewards you can easily accumulate.

Sure, the ChoicePlus card does have an annual fee whereas the Choice Card has no annual fee however the rewards you get from the ChoicePlus offer really do offset the nominal annual fee you’ll pay.

The annual fee for the ChoicePlus credit card is $65 however when you get accepted into the ChoicePlus program and you use your card for the first time you’ll earn 7,500 Welcome Bonus Points which is enough for a $50 gift card effectively making the annual fee on $15 at this point.

On top of the 7,500 bonus points you get, you’ll also have the benefit of doubling up on your points, the ChoicePlus offer features 2x the points of the regular Choice credit card.

Yes, the annual fee you pay for the ChoicePlus rewards program is well worth the price of admission into this membership.

There are extra benefits you get with the ChoicePlus card versus the regular Choice Card such as the Purchase Protection Plan and Buyer’s Assurance Protection Plan, features which the regular Choice credit card doesn’t have.

The above mentioned programs mean you get insurance coverage on prices as well as lost or stolen products you purchases you make using your card.

Another really great perk to both Choice credit card offers is the incredibly low introductory interest rate you get on purchases.

When you apply for either Choice Card offer from American Express you’ll enjoy a 2.99% intro rate for the first 12 months on your credit card purchases!

We highly recommend you take advantage of the bonus rewards the ChoicePlus card has for you right now unless your are completely adverse to paying a nominal annual fee.

Again, the bonus rewards are well worth the small cost for the ChoicePlus card because of all the extra perks you get.

Take advantage of this flexible credit card rewards program and apply online now using our secure application links at the top of this review page.

5 / 5 stars     

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