Review of the Costco Canada Credit Card Benefits

Costco Canada Credit Card

Costco Canada Credit Card Review

There are a lot more really great perks the Costco Canada credit card has in store for you. The first perk for Costco Canada members is there is no annual fee plus this American Express credit card offers provides you with a really good cash back rewards program and many more great features.

When you apply for this offer from American Express using the secure credit card application link below right below on our Costco Canada credit card review blog you’ll be thrilled to see you can start earning bonus cash back rewards on your dining experiences as well as getting bonus cash back rewards for filling up your vehicle!

Best of all, you earn cash back rewards on all the purchases you make on your Costco Canada credit card from American Express!

Check out the benefits you get when you take advantage of the TrueEarnings Costco Credit Card & apply online now!

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Benefit #1 – Shop at Costco & Earn Cash Back

The most important benefit to most Canadians is the cash back rewards program that’s to be had when you become a member of the Costco Canada Credit Card program.

What people love most is being able to earn cash back rewards when they shop at Costco however what most people don’t realize is the Canadian Costco credit card offer from American express gives you cash back rewards on all your credit card spending.

Most people in Canada don’t realize that by becoming a cardholder of this American Express & Costco credit card that you can earn bonus cash rewards on the spending you do at restaurants and gas stations.

We have to point that benefit out again in this review, you get extra cash back rewards when you use this card to pay for your bill at eligible restaurants as well as the bonus cash back rewards you get at gas stations.

The rewards you could be earning right now don’t stop at cash back earnings, there are a lot more other very compelling reasons you would love to have the Costco Canada Credit Card in your wallet right now.

So, it’s time to tell you about more great features and benefits you get when you become a member today.

Costco Canada Credit Card Review of Extra Benefits

You’ve now read about the really great cash back rewards program the Costco credit card has for you however you need to know there are even more perks to be taken advantage of with this Canadian credit card offer from American Express.

Here are the bonus perks you get when you sign-up online right now:

Low Introductory Interest Rate

Another really great feature about the Costco Canada credit card offer is the huge break you get on interest rates on your credit card spending.

When you sign-up for this deal right now you can take advantage of an incredibly low introductory interest rate on your credit card purchases of only 2.99% for a full 6 months!

If you tend to carry a credit card balance from month-to-month, that low intro interest rate is going to save you a lot of money!

That’s another really good reason why you need to apply for the Costco Canada credit card from American Express, but there’s even more reasons why you’d want this card in your wallet.

Shopping Purchase Protection

Another perk you get from this Canadian credit card offer from American Express is the bonus of their Buyer’s Assurance Protection Plan which gives you an automatic extended warranty of up to 1 year on items you purchase on your Costco TrueEarnings credit card.

Plus, you’ll also enjoy the benefit of the Purchase Protection Plan which gives you insurance protecting you against accidental damage and theft of items you buy on your Costco Canada Credit Card.

You also get the Fraud Protection Guarantee program included with your membership which means you will have protection in place against any fraudulent charges on your card.

Travel Benefits

There are even travel benefits included with your membership into the Costco Canada credit card offer.

When you apply online for the Costco Canada TrueEarnings credit card you’ll get the comfort of knowing you’ve got up to $100,000 in travel accident insurance which covers you, your spouse and your dependent children up to age 23.

Front of the Line Entertainment Privileges

One of the often over looked perks you get from the Costco Canada Credit Card offer is the Front of the Line privilege you get as an American Express cardholder.

The American Express Front of the Line program give you the ability to get premium seating to event you must see with advance ticket sales at events across Canada.

If you’re a fan of anything, whether a music band, sports team or any other event in you’re home town, the American Express TrueEarnings Costco Canada credit card gives you the privilege of ordering your tickets before they go on sale to the general public giving you the chance to get the best seats in the house!

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