What is the Best Canadian Air Miles Credit Card Going?

Best Air Miles Credit Card in Canada

Canadian Air Miles Credit Card Benefits Review

One of the best Air Miles credit card offers in Canada today is from American Express. The American Express® AIR MILES®* Credit Card is a really great air miles rewards offer especially for those of you who already collect airline miles with your Air Miles collector card.

When you sign-up for the American Express Air Miles card one of the great things about this travel rewards offer is you can essentially double up on your points because when you make purchases at participating Air Miles retailers, you can pay for your purchase using your Amex AirMiles card plus you can also swipe your Air Miles collector card giving you points on from both!

Here is a summary of why this is one of the best air miles credit card deals in Canada today:

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About this Frequent Flyer Miles Rewards Program

I’ve already discussed the ability to “double dip” by using your American Express card as well as your regular Air Miles points card and yes, there are even more bonus points you can earn when you apply online right now.

On top of the above mentioned benefit, this is one of the best air miles credit cards in Canada because you will earn 1 mile for every $15 in purchases at AIR MILES sponsors plus you will earn air miles points on all your other credit card spending. You get 1 Mile for every $20 you spend on all other card purchases!

Whether it’s Caribbean travel or a flight to visit friends and family within Canada, this is definitely the best travel rewards credit card in Canada to earn free flights fast because of the double miles you can take advantage of using both your AirMiles points card when making purchases on your American Express Air Mile credit card.

You simply won’t find a better frequent flyer card than this!

Other Benefits Offered

Beyond getting plenty of Air Miles travel rewards, you also get a break on interest rates for the first 12 months of being a card holder.

When you sign up right now you’ll get an incredibly low rate of only 2.99% on your purchases for 12 months provided you make your minimum payments on time for the duration of the year.

Plus you get the travel rewards and low rate with no annual fee. It’s a combination of the rewards and money savings that make this one of the best air miles credit card deals in Canada!

Apply online now using our secure application link near the top of this review.

5 / 5 stars     

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