Best Western Credit Card

Best Western Credit Card for Canadians Review: If you are a resident of Canada and love to earn free stays at Best Western hotels then you’re going to want to take advantage of this Best Western rewards program because when you apply right now earning hotel points has never been better than this.

When you apply for this limited time Best Western MasterCard® rewards program you’ll receive 20,000 bonus points as soon as you make your first purchase using your credit card. Check out the benefit you get when you apply now for the Best Western credit card deal:

Best Western Credit Card Review

When you apply for the Best Western Credit Card today you’ll earn an amazing 20,000 bonus rewards points that you can use to get a free stay at your favourite Best Western hotel. The really exciting thing about this Best Western Rewards Program for Canadians is you can redeem your points for free stays starting at only 8,000 points. That’s right you can get 2 free nights at a Best Western hotel simply by applying for the Best Western MasterCard right now.

Best of all, when you apply today for the Best Western Credit Card you’re points are not eroded from being forced into paying an annual fee, there’s no annual fee when you apply right now.

The Best Western Rewards program does not limit where you can use your Best Western hotel points, you can use your rewards internationally and of course you’re free stays include Best Western hotels in Canada.

Best Western Credit Card Rewards

Most people that apply for the Best Western credit card want the card in their wallet to earn free hotel stays however you’re not limited to only using your reward program points for Best Western hotels, you can redeem your points for gift cards at major retailers such as Sears or HBC plus you can transfer your points and redeem for free airfare.

The list of where you can redeem your rewards goes on and on, in fact you can even reward your rewards for gas station gift cards. You simply can’t go wrong when you apply online now for the Best Western credit card using our secure online application above!

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