Capital One Delta SkyMiles World MasterCard Review of Benefits for Canadians

Capital One Delta SkyMiles World MasterCard Review

Capital One Delta SkyMiles Benefits

The Capital One Delta SkyMiles MasterCard is quickly becoming one of the top travel rewards credit cards in Canada and I think that’s largely due to the Delta Airlines credit card rewards offer we see on television commercials when we’re watching shows on US channels.

Yeah, you’ve likely seen the advertisements on TV and now you wish you as a fellow Canadian could take advantage of the perks the Delta credit card rewards program has to offer when you travel.

The great news is, us as Canadians now have the opportunity to get a Delta miles reward card in our wallets too because Capital One Canada has struck a deal with Delta Airlines!

Here is a list of the benefits you get when you apply online now through our secure links below:


Benefits of Being a Capital One Delta SkyMiles World MasterCard Member

There are a lot of really great reasons to sign up for the Capital One Canada Delta Airlines reward card especially if you are fed up with Canadian carries such as Air Canada and never knowing if they’ll be at work or on strike or doing some kind of crazy job action again.

No, I no longer fly on Air Canada either because I just can’t trust that they are going to be flying on the days I need to travel so you’re very smart in deciding to look to airlines south of the border for your flight plans and the folks at Delta Airlines are working to gain your business by teaming up with the people at Capital One Canada to bring you this really good Delta flights rewards program.

You’ve seen the top benefits above in this Capital One Delta SkyMiles World MasterCard review blog post however it’s time you see the full benefits of becoming a cardholder of this Delta rewards credit card today.

Really Great Delta SkyMiles Rewards Program

If you are a frequent flyer on Delta Airlines (or if you’re planning to become a Delta frequent flyer) then you are going to really enjoy earning Delta SkyMiles on ALL your credit card purchases!

You will earn SkyMiles on each and every card purchase you make and that’s going to help you earn points to fly free fast!

Plus when you sign up today for the Capital One SkyMiles card offer you’re going to get a welcome bonus.

The welcome bonus you get when you sign up online right now this offer is 25,000 Delta miles and you must admit, that’s a really great deal, simply apply for this card and once you’re approved you instantly earn a LOT of bonus SkyMiles!

Your Trip Overhead Costs Are Covered Automatically

One of the “hidden” costs in travel is all the expenses of insurance. Travel medical insurance, lost luggage insurance and even trip cancellation insurance in the event of an emergency that’s going to prevent you from traveling. The cost of insurance just keeps adding up!

An example of the cost of trip cancellation insurance: Recently I just booked a flight from Vancouver to Ottawa and fortunately I did not have to cancel my trip however in the past I’ve had to cancel trips last minute and no, you don’t get your money back for having to cancel a flight. When I purchased my ticket online to fly from Vancouver to Ottawa the round-trip flight cost was about $800 and the trip cancellation insurance was close to $70.

It’s a good thing I didn’t need to cancel because it really would have been horrible to flush $800 down the toilet.

The point is, you just never know when you may have to cancel your flight and stay at home due to an emergency and the good news for Capital One Delta SkyMiles World MasterCard cardholders, you don’t need to buy this insurance, you are covered automatically!

Trip cancellation insurance is just one of the many hidden costs in travel that you get covered for when you have this credit card in your wallet.
There are even more perks I need to share with you in this Capital One Delta SkyMiles World MasterCard review that I know you didn’t likely think about however these are insurance policies that are really great for every traveller to have in their wallet while on the road.

Here is a bullet point review of the extra benefits you get when you sign-up for the Capital One Delta SkyMiles credit card today:

  • Travel Emergency Medical Insurance
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Trip Interruption Insurance
  • Flight Delay Insurance
  • Baggage Loss & Delay Insurance
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Car Rental Collision Insurance
  • MasterAssist Travel Assistance


Other than the car rental insurance, which alone is a really great benefit you get when you have the Capital One Delta SkyMiles World MasterCard, it’s rare that any of use the other insurances we get from this card offer however when the rare event arrises that you need to implement any of these insurance policies you’re going to be glad you’re covered, trust me on this as a frequent flyer myself!

Events do happen when you need to be covered and everything I’ve shared with you in this Capital One Delta Skymiles credit card review is why I am giving this a two thumbs up 5 out of 5 star rating.

You know the Capital One tag line of “Don’t Leave Home Without It” and they are right you should not leave home without the benefits of being a Cap One Canada cardholder, apply online to take advantage of the rewards and benefits sitting right at your fingertips now!

5 / 5 stars     

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