RBCRoyalBank.com/MyCard Rewards Offer Review


RBCRoyalBank.com/MyCard – Is This A Good Deal?

The RBCRoyalBank.com/MyCard offer you got in the mail has been sent out to almost every Canadian household near where a new Target store just opened.

On the surface this looks like a really great deal because the first thing you see is a 5% off Everyday in a big red bubble. Yeah, of course getting 5% savings at Target is really great because that means for every $100 you spend at Target you get $5 off your purchase.

But what rubs me the wrong way about this card is the fact your 5% rewards are limited to only purchases you make at Target, sure you get a 0.5% cash back rewards program included with the RBCRoyalBank.com/MyCard offer.

My thinking is why would you bother limiting your 5% rewards to just Target when there’s another credit card offer out there that gives you 5% cash back on the items you spend the most on, that’s gas and grocery purchases.

Check out the featured credit card offer below and especially considering the insane prices gas is costing these days earning 5% cash back on your gas & grocery purchases is going to go a long way in rewarding you the most. Rather than applying for the RBCRoyalBank.com/MyCard offer, I highly recommend you apply for the Smart Cash offer below:

2 / 5 stars     

More Facts About RBCRoyalBank.com/MyCard Target MasterCard 5% Savings Offer

The RoyalBank MyCard offer again is a very highly specialized rewards card and the RBCRoyalBank.com/MyCard offer is serving 2 purposes.

The first reason you received this letter in the mail is, of course, to get you to sign-up and become a new RBC credit card customer and the second reason this letter was sent it was to remind you, there’s a new Target store in your area.

Right now Target Canada is establishing itself in our country and they are advertising heavily to try to take away market share from stores like Walmart Canada.

To entice you to do more shopping at Target they have teamed up with the Royal Bank to give you a specialized card with the biggest reward being 5% off your spending at Target only.

They do have a “cash back” rewards program for all your other credit card spending of 0.5% however a half precent rewards program doesn’t really help get you ahead, plus the “cash back” rewards come in the form of a Target Gift Card which isn’t really a cash back reward.

It’s due to the fact the RBCRoyalBank.com/MyCard offer is ultra-specialized with the only goal of getting you to shop more frequently at Target stores that I am giving this card only a 2-out-of-5 star rating.

I’m not sure what gas prices are in your part of Canada, however right now gas prices in the Greater Vancouver area have hit about $1.51 / Liter!!!

So yeah, that’s why I highly recommend applying for the featured 5% cash back rewards offer featured near the top of this RBCRoyalBank.com/MyCard review page.

The Smart Cash offer gives you 5% cash back on your gas station fill-ups and your grocery store purchases plus you also get 1% cash back on all your other credit card spending.

Other perks you get when you apply for the Smart Cash deal is there is no annual fee plus if you currently have a balance owing with another credit card company you can take advantage of some huge savings on interest charges because of the incredibly low introductory credit card balance transfer rate of only 1.99%.

Right now there’s a balance transfer introductory rate of just 1.99% for 10 months and when you compare that low rate with the current rate your paying and you must admit the Smart Cash offer from MBNA is a really sweet deal!

The Smart Cash credit card is definitely a much better offer than the RBCRoyalBank.com/MyCard offer you received in the mail because it, the smart cash card, is truly a very smart card to have working for you.

If you’ve applied for the RBCRoyalBank MyCard offer, we’d love to hear your thoughts or if you have another card that you think is better than the Smart Cash card we’d love to hear about that too.

Go ahead and submit your thoughts, questions & comments about the RBCRoyalBank.com/MyCard offer on this blog review post below.

2 / 5 stars     

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