Save On More Rewards Credit Card Review

Save On More Credit Card

Save On More Credit Card Review

The Save On More credit card issued by MBNA Bank is one of the best credit cards going in Canada today because of how easy it is to accumulate a lot of points. You’ll earn 3 reward points for every dollar you spend everywhere you use your More Rewards MasterCard. Plus when you shop at Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods, Cooper’s, PriceMart, or Urban Fare grocery stores you’ll earn 4 points on your grocery store purchases when you pay with your More Rewards MasterCard.

Here’s a high level review of the benefits you get when you apply online today for the Save on More credit card:

5 / 5 stars     

Save On More Rewards MasterCard Benefits

There are several reason why the More Rewards MasterCard is one of the best credit cards in Canada today. Let’s face it we could all use more cash back in our bank accounts and this offer does exactly that because of all the points you get.

How Can I Use My Save On More Credit Card Reward Points?

One of the reasons we are giving this card offer a 5 out of 5 star rating is because of the flexibility of how you can use all the points you’re going to rack up quickly when you use your card.

When you apply online for the Save On More credit card today you can use your rewards points to receive merchandise, movie tickets, Chevron gift certificates, travel, in-store merchandise or even a trip to the spa!

”Double-Up” Your Reward Points

When you use your Save On More credit card to purchase your groceries you can also swipe your Save On loyalty card to earn points on both cards!

That means you’re going to be getting to redeem your rewards a lot faster for really great merchandise, entertainment events and all the cool stuff you can get through the More Rewards program.

If you shop at Save-On-Foods or any of it’s subsidiary stores it’s really great to be able to double up on your points by using both cards to accumulate points. It’s very rare that you get to do that so that’s another very compelling reason to apply for this rewards credit card right now!

More Reasons This is One of The Best Rewards Credit Cards in Canada

One of the really great things about this offer is the fact you earn all the rewards we’ve discussed and you pay no annual fee.

The problem with a lot of rewards cards in Canada today is the fact they are a little bit sneaky by showing off all kinds of rewards only to smack you with an incredibly high annual fee however that’s not the case with the Save on More credit card, there is no annual fee attached to this offer meaning you get the maximum benefit from your rewards.

The Save On More MasterCard gives you the opportunity to save money with a really low interest rate on balance transfers.

If you currently have another credit card and you owe money on that card, you’re likely paying anywhere between 12% to 20% interest on that card which is costing you a lot of money every month just servicing the interest charges.

When you apply for the Save On More credit card and transfer your balance from another card, you’ll get a huge break on interest rates.
Right now you can take advantage of an incredibly low rate on your balance transfer, with an introductory rate of a measly 1.99% for your first 6 billing cycles which is close to 6 months of interest savings which will definitely help get ahead on paying down your credit card debt!

There are a lot of really great reasons to get this card in your wallet as you’ve seen and we highly recommend you apply online today for this offer because banks frequently change their terms without advance warning however if you apply for the Save On More credit card today you get the benefits we’ve listed above in this review.

5 / 5 stars     

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