Review of the ScotiaBank American Express Card Rewards Offer Perks

ScotiaBank American Express Card Review

ScotiaBank American Express Card VIP Perks Review

The ScotiaBank American Express Card gives you the opportunity to earn points fast and gives you a flexible points redemption program.

We will go into a detailed review of all the benefits you get after showing you the highlights of the perks you can take advantage of right now.

This is the most elite credit card offered by ScotiaBank because of the prestigious perks you get with the American Express card brand.

American Express is known mostly for their VIP entertainment benefits such as the concierge service which is included with your card membership.

The ScotiaBank Gold American Express Card is the best ScotiaBank card offer for people that are looking for a rewards card with luxury perks at the same time.

Here are the key features we want to share with you in our ScotiaBank American Express review.

Check out the benefits you get and apply online now!

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Review of the Reward Points Program

The ScotiaBank American Express Card rewards program gives you the chance to earn bonus rewards on the things you likely spend the most money on so why not take advantage of a deal like this.

When you become a cardholder of the ScotiaBank Gold American Express Card you’ll be able to earn 4 times the Scotia Rewards for every $1 you spend on certain purchases, here is a list of the types of credit card purchases where you can earn 4x the bonus points:

  • 4x Points at Eligible Gas Stations
  • Earn Bonus Points at Grocery Stores
  • Dining Out? You Earn 4x Bonus Points at Restaurants
  • Plus you earn 4x points on Entertainment Purchases
  • You will also earn points on all your ScotiaBank American Express Card spending as well, you get 1 point for every other dollar you spend when you use your card to make purchases.

    When you apply for the American Express offer from ScotiaBank today you’ll be able to earn points fast towards travel, select merchandise, gift cards plus a lot more.

    That’s another great feature about the ScotiaBank Gold American Express Card is the flexible points redemeption options and the best thing is if you choose to redeem your points for travel you are not limited to one portal, you can redeem your points through any travel agent of your choice!

    Now that we’ve discussed the rewards program it’s time to talk about the luxury perks you get when you apply for this offer today.

    Review of the Luxury Perks & Benefits

    When you become a member of this prestigious Canadian credit card offer you’re going to love the luxury of having a concierge service at your fingertips.

    What this means for you is you’ve got somebody to take care of booking your flights, hotels and even entertainment events. Quite often this service can help you get tickets to events that are sold out!

    Another really great luxury perk you get when you get the ScotiaBank American Express Card is access to airport VIP lounges through the Priority Pass program.

    That’s one of the best VIP perks this card has, you have to admit it’s very nice to sit in the peace and quiet of the airport lounge prior to your flight!

    Your membership in the ScotiaBank Gold American Express card also gives you really great travel benefits such as insurance and even some really great discounts at hotels and more.

    Apply online today to get the luxury VIP treatment and rewards you deserve!

    5 / 5 stars     

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