ScotiaBank Hockey Visa Credit Card Review

ScotiaBank Hockey Visa Review

ScotiaBank Hockey Visa NHL Credit Card Review

True NHL fans will love the ScotiaBank Hockey offer because you get some really great perks when you apply online for this NHL credit card offer.

One of the cool things with the ScotiaHockey Visa Card is you get to pick your favorite team and show you team colours every time you make a purchase.

Beyond getting to have your favourite NHL team’s logo on your credit card you will love the rewards this NHL credit card gives to fans.

Below is a top level review of the perks you get when you apply online today for the ScotiaBank Hockey Visa card:

5 / 5 stars     

How the NHL Rewards Credit Card Program Works

The first thing that we love about this specialty rewards credit card offer is the fact you can earn some really great rewards and you can qualify for the ScotiaBank NHL Visa credit card without having perfect credit.

Most rewards credit cards in Canada typically require that you have an excellent credit rating but that’s not the case when you apply online for the ScotiaBank Hockey Visa today.

The qualification for acceptance for this the Scotia Hockey NHL credit card is having good credit which means if you’ve got a few glitches on your credit report you can still qualify to have this card offer in your wallet!

Basically, you will likely qualify for this credit card as long as you haven’t declared bankruptcy within the last 7 years.

Now let’s get into exactly what you get when you complete the credit card application and get accepted as a member of this very cool rewards program.

Hockey fans, here the perks you’re going to love getting when you sign-up for this deal.

The first perk you are totally going to love is when you get your NHL credit card in the mail and use it for the first time you will be awarded 3,000 bonus points!

That’s right, to earn your first 3,000 NHL rewards points all you have to do is apply for the card and when you receive your card just use it to make a single purchase and you’re well on your way to redeeming your points for cool NHL merchandise!

If you’re like me, a true hockey fan, you also likely shop at SportCheck and the great news is when you use your ScotiaBank Hockey Visa credit card both in-store and online at you will earn 5x the NHL rewards!

Another really great perk on top of earning 5 points for every dollar you spend at SportCheck, you will love the fact that when you’re a ScotiaBank Visa NHL credit card holder, you’ll get a great discount on NHL merchandise.

When you shop online at the official NHL store,, when you buy your NHL collectibles, jerseys and memorabilia at the NHL store you’ll get a 20% discount!

That’s right, you get a 20% savings when you use your ScotiaBank Hockey Visa at the official NHL store!

Not only will you earn bonus points on your purchases at SportCheck and get a really great discount at the NHL store using the official credit card of the NHL in Canada, you will also earn NHL reward points on all your credit card spending.

You will earn 1 ScotiaHockey Reward point for every $1 you spend on everything else!

Even More Perks & Benefits

When you sign up for the ScotiaBank Hockey Visa today you will also get access to special offers for exclusive VIP NHL event experiences!

Every true NHL fan really needs to apply for the official NHL credit card to take advantage of all the perks we’ve shared with you in this review.

So who is your favourite NHL team?

Go ahead a gloat about how well your team is doing and share your thoughts about this card and your team below on this blog post . . .

And yeah, I am a Vancouver Canucks fan and because I am fan of that team, I do have a very thick skin so go ahead and rub it in about the lack of success the Nuckle Heads are having 🙂

Go Canucks Go! Why am I still going through the pain of cheering for them 🙂

5 / 5 stars     

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