Review of the ScotiaBank Scene Movie Rewards Visa Card

If you are a movie fan in Canada then this is the perfect credit card for you, the ScotiaBank Scene Visa gives you lots of rewards when you use your card on purchases at Cineplex theaters.

Right now you’ll earn 5x points on your movie and popcorn purchases. Apply for this card is the fastest way to get free movie tickets in your hand and as you’ll see as your read through this ScotiaBank Scene Visa review that you have the flexibility to use your rewards for restaurant gift cards as well!

This is a really great entertainment rewards card offer for Canadian citizens. Apply Online Now!

4 / 5 stars     

How the Scene Credit Card Rewards Program Works

This card is a movie lover’s dream come true, when you apply for the Scene Visa Card today and your account is open you will get 4,000 bonus points upon making your first purchase using your card.

That’s enough bonus points for 4 free movie tickets. You’ve got to admit that’s a really easy way to earn free movie tickets!

Then when you use your Scotia Scene Visa credit card at Cineplex theaters you’ll earn 5 points for every $1 you spend plus on top of that you can use your regular Scene loyalty in conjunction with your Scene Visa you can earn rewards on both cards for even more points towards free movies!

The earnings don’t stop there, you will earn 1 point for every $1 you spend on your Scene credit card on all other purchases!

Flexible Rewards Redemption Options

While the ScotiaBank Scene Visa credit card is mainly designed for people that want to earn free movie tickets and goodies at the concession stands, you are not limited to redeeming your rewards for movie tickets.

The Scene Visa Card is really an entertainment rewards credit card because you can redeem your ScotiaBank Scene Visa Card rewards for other items such as merchandise like DVD’s, Blu-Rays & digital movie downloads as well as music downloads.

You also have the flexibility to redeem your rewards for Bon Appetit Gift Cards for dining out at restaurants like Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s, Montana’s Cookhouse, Kelsey’s and MileStones.

Another great thing to point out about the ScotiaBank Scene Visa credit card is you get all the above rewards and there is no annual fee. Apply online now!

4 / 5 stars     

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