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As your about to see Capital One Canada has a MasterCard offer for everybody regardless of your credit history. For those of you with good to excellent credit Canada One Canada offers some really great travel and cash back rewards cards.

For those of you where your credit could use a boost, Capital One offers their guaranteed secured MasterCard offers which will help you establish your credit or rebuild your credit.

Here are the Capital One Canada MasterCard offers by type:

Low Interest Credit Card Offer

Capital One Travel Rewards Offers

Capital One Cash Rewards Offers

Secured Card Offers for Building Credit

Capital One Canada Card Offers Summary

Capital One Canada is best known for it’s travel rewards card offers, which you can see give you some great rewards along with really low interest rates.

A perfect example of that is the Capital One Fusion Platinum MasterCard offer that not only gives you a really low interest rate but also has an excellent travel rewards program where you’ll earn 5,000 bonus miles after making only one purchase!

Another thing Capital One Canada is known for is giving Canadians a second chance at credit with their secured MasterCard offers.

Yeah, you will have to place a security deposit to get one of their secured card offers however it’s worth it to start building or restoring your credit.

Tip: If you are going to apply for a secured card offer place the minimum security deposit and use your Capital One Secured MasterCard to make small purchases regularly and immediately pay your balance and you’ll be amazed at how fast you can restore your credit rating and qualify for a regular card offer.

If you have any questions about any of the Capital One Canada card offers feel free to leave us your questions on this review blog and we’ll be more than happy to help you choose the card that’s best for you.