Scotiabank More Rewards Visa Review

More Rewards Visa Card Card Review: The Save On More Visa gives you rewards on everything you buy. And gives you more rewards than almost every card out there because you can redeem your points for travel, merchandise including kitchen accessories, tools, things for your house, electronics and lots more

You can even redeem your earned points for hockey tickets!

Start earning up to 6% on your everyday spending right now and apply online for the More Rewards Visa credit card issued by

Below is an overview of the rewards you can earn when you sign up today.

What Are The Qualifications for the More Rewards Visa?

Here are the qualifications for the offer:

  • Residency: You must be a Canadian Citizen or be a permanent resident of Canada
  • Age: You must be the age of majority where you live. That means you must be of the legal drinking age to qualify for this credit card.
  • Income: You must be earning at least $12,000 per year to be considered.
  • You must not have filed for bankruptcy within the last 7 years.
  • Note: This card offer is not available to residents of the province of Quebec
  • You are required to read through to application disclosure statement. This is a requirement put in place by the federal government to ensure you are familiar with interest rates and penalties in the event you don’t make your minimum monthly payments.
  • If you meet the above requirements you should really take advantage of the MoreRewardsVisa offer because of the fact you can earn an amazing 15,000 bonus rewards by simply using your new credit card within 90 days of having it in your wallet.

    It is truly a rare thing in the credit card industry that you can get great rewards like this and pay no annual fee!

    You deserve your hard earned money to be working for you. You will earn free trips, hotel stays, free groceries plus a lot more great merchandise when you sign-up for the MoreRewards Visa card today.

    Most people redeem their More Rewards points for travel so it’s time to take action right today towards earning your dream vacation and complete the easy secure online application and apply online now! scotiabankgold Credit Card Offer Review

    Priority Pass Scotiabank Gold Scotia Bank Gold Offer Review

    If you saw the credit card offer and wondering what this deal is about.

    The Scotia Bank Gold card offer is a very elite credit card offered by ScotiaBank in conjunction with American Express Canada and what you’re going to love about this joint venture between these 2 credit card companies is the prestigious travel and entertainment benefits you get when you sign up now.

    Of course, you’re going to love the bonus points you get on top of the luxury perks this card delivers when you become a member of this really great program today.

    Here’s a list of the main benefits you get from the when you apply online now:

    Priority Pass ScotiaBank Gold Card Offer is All About Luxury

    In typically humble Canadian fashion the first thing I noticed while reviewing the Scotiabank priority pass credit card offer is they don’t highlight one of the best perks this card has!

    Besides all the bonus points you can earn, this credit card is all about getting luxury benefits such as VIP airport lounge access.

    To see the prestigious benefits you need to click on the “learn more” link that is in a very small font size to see more details about the luxury perks.

    One of the luxury perks you get when you take advantage of the offer is the complimentary access to VIP airport lounges that participate in the Priority Pass program.

    For me, that’s one of the best perks this card offers, I can fly coach class and still enjoy the sanctity of the lounge even when I don’t fly first class.

    Yes, this perk makes travel days a lot better!

    Another luxury perk that is understated is the concierge service that comes included with your membership once you sign up for this program.

    You can take advantage of having the convenience of a personal concierge to help you take care of all your life’s “busy work” such as booking your flights, hotels, car rentals and even helping you send a gift to a loved one or a business colleague.

    There are many great features this card offers for people that have excellent credit and love being treated like a VIP while earning tons of rewards points on your everyday credit card spending.

    If you’ve received information about the credit card offer then you are very likely to qualify for this really great luxury credit card deal for Canadians.

    Take advantage of all the benefits and rewards being offered to you and apply online now!

    Learn Visa Card Review

    Earn While You Learn – ScotiaBank L’Earn Visa Card Review

    L'Earn Visa Card

    L’Earn Visa Student Credit Card Review

    When I was a college student attending BCIT in Vancouver, there simply were no student credit cards out there like the L’Earn Visa Card, that offered a rewards program, the only credit cards available to student in my college days were ordinary cards without any perks.

    The great news you’re about to see in this L’Earn Visa Card review is students in Canada today are very fortunate because ScotiaBank has created a really good student credit card offer.

    The L’earn Visa Card not only provides you with a great way to start building your credit but gives you a no annual fee card with a cash back rewards program.

    Check out the benefits of the L’Earn Visa Card from ScotiaBank and apply online now!

    L’Earn Student Visa Credit Card Benefits Explained

    While the L’Earn Visa Card MoneyBack rewards program isn’t going to make you rich, it’s really nice as a college student to be getting something back from your credit card spending.

    The cash back rewards program is set up in tiers, you will earn 0.25% cash back on your first $500 in purchases, then 0.50% on your next $500 and then any purchases you make throughout the year over $1,000 you’ll get 1.00% cash back.

    Note that the cash back rewards are given to you at the end of the year so all your credit card spending over the year get accumulated towards your year end MoneyBack rewards earnings.

    Like I said before, you’re not going to get rich from this program but it’s very nice to get that extra bonus!

    If you use your card to pay for your text books, tuition and other school expenses as well as any of your bills regularly, you’ll get some cash back after year because of the purchases you made on your ScotiaBank Visa L’earn student card. As a college student you know every dollar counts!

    The main benefit from applying for the L’Earn Visa Card is getting the ability to start building your credit rating while your in school.

    All you need to qualify for this student credit card is a fair credit rating and another great benefit the L’earn Visa has for you is there is no annual fee.

    Plus there is the added benefit when you become a cardholder, if you ever need to rent a car you can take advantage of getting up to 20% off rental cars at AVIS.

    I am giving the L’Earn Visa Card a 5-out-of-5 star review rating because of the no annual fee and the cash back rewards program given to Canadian college students right now.

    Take advantage is this really great deal and apply online now!

    Scotiabank Value Visa Card Review

    ScotiaBank Value Visa Card Offers – Compare Features

    Scotiabank Value Visa

    Compare ScotiaBank Value Visa Card Offers

    There are many credit card offers out there featuring all kinds of perks and benefits which are great deals for many people however there are some folks just like you that don’t want a complicated rewards program and simply want a regular credit card to make purchases with.

    If that sounds like you then you need to check out the features the ScotiaBank Value Visa card offers have for you, these are straightforward regular type of credit cards.

    The biggest advantages the ScotiaBank Value Visa cards have are the low cost of becoming a cardholder, you won’t get raked over the coals with insanely high annual fees and the interest rates are very low.

    Check out the benefits you get in our summary of the best features the ScotiaBank Value Visa cards provide and apply online now if you’re looking for a regular type of credit card:

    Best ScotiaBank Cards for Simplicity in Finances

    Sure, there are a lot of really great rewards credit cards available in Canada right now however the problem with credit card rewards programs is the increased temptation people get to spend more on their card because of the lure of earning rewards.

    There are many people just like you that don’t want the temptation of spending more money on their credit card and only want a simple type of credit card offer and the great news is this is exactly what the ScotiaBank Value Visa credit cards are all about!

    Simplicity and low costs is what you get from the Value Visa card offers from ScotiaBank.

    You can see from the above list of features that there are 2 versions of the Value Visa card and you’re likely wondering which is the better deal.

    The answer is both ScotiaBank Value Visa credit cards are really great deals however the better deal for people like you that want simplicity and low costs is the No Fee ScotiaBank Value Visa.

    The reason we recommend the No Fee version of the card is in the name of the offer, there is no annual fee and you get a lower than normal credit card interest rate on your purchases plus you can take advantage of an extremely low rate on balance transfers and cash advances!

    Having said that, if you have a large balance owing with another credit card company and you only want a simple regular type of credit card then the ScotiaBank Value Visa offer featuring an introductory balance transfer rate of only 0.99% is a better choice for you because of the money you’ll save on interest charges with your current card company.

    There is a very small annual fee when you apply for that deal however the $29 fee will be offset by the interest rates you’re currently paying.

    Another huge plus about these offers is the requirement to qualify is only having a good credit rating versus the requirement of other card companies for a deal like this of having excellent credit.

    The ScotiaBank Value Visa Cards earn our 5-out-of-5 star review rating for people looking for a no-frills regular type of credit card because of the lower credit requirements and low rates offered when you apply online right now.