Red Leaf Loans Review

Red Leaf Loans Review of Canadian Payday Lender

If you live in Canada as I do you’ve likely notice that when you have an emergency come up in life there are a LOT of unscrupulous payday loan company’s in Canada that only want to put you into a huge debt trap!

Yes, all of us have unexpected expenses come up in life whether it’s a car repair, you need cash for a flight to visit a sick relative in another part of the country or maybe your cat or dog got injured and there’s a vet bill to get paid (Yeah, I’ve had that happen and needed money for my cat Tiger’s veterinarian expenses).

Here is a high level Red Leaf Loans review and why you should apply for a payday loan with them right now:

Red Leaf Loans Canadian Payday Loan Company Review

More About Why is one of Canada’s Best Payday Loan Companies

Regardless of what emergency that’s happened and requires you to pay for it, the last thing you need is a payday loan company that’s licking their lips to drive you into life long debt. Yes! That is how most payday loan companies in Canada operate, but as you are going to see in this Red Leaf Loans review, this Canadian payday lender does not conduct it’s business that way, these guys hold themselves to the highest ethical standards going!

So if you have a short term cash loan need, the best company to help you out is RedLeafLoans.

If you are short on cash and need a payday loan in Canada then you must take advantage one of the only payday loan companies in Canada that has your best interest at heart is Red Leaf Loans.

When you are in a bind and need some fast cash as soon as tomorrow to pay for one of life’s unexpected expenses, these guys are there to help you out. is one of Canada’s best payday loan lenders because of their high standards in responsible lending, this payday loan company will work with you to get you the cash you need right now and they are not going to pull some slick sales job on you to drive your personal finances into the ground!

Review of What You Need to Qualify to Get a Payday Loan from

Here are the requirements to qualify for a short term cash loan from starting with the income and employment requirements, then we’ll go over what provinces this company issues payday loans to.

Minimum Requirements to Qualify for a Payday Loan from Red Leaf

  • You Must be a Canadian Citizen
  • You Need to be Employed
  • You Need to be at Least 18 Years Old
  • You will need to be paid via direct deposit by your employer
  • The minimum monthly earnings you need is at least $667 / Month
  • Bad Credit is OK

Facts About Loan Amounts

When you apply for a short term payday loan with RedLeafLoans they do have a minimum and maximum amount they will lend you.

The minimum loan amount: $100
The maximum they will lend: $1,500

This company is there to help you with the typical day-to-day cash emergencies that come up, whether it’s getting some bills paid, a car repair, an un-expected family emergency and you need to book a flight to be with your loved ones or any other one of life’s things that happens you can depend on Red Leaf Loans to spot you the cash you need right now provided you meet the minimum qualifications as stated above.

If you meet the above requirements, getting your loan by as soon as tomorrow should happen as long as you are not currently in a state of bankruptcy.

Another concern most people had when we were doing our research to provide this Red Leaf Loans review for you is whether or not this company would contact your employer.

The answer is they may need to contact your employer to verify your employment however what we really love about Red Leaf Loans is if in the event they do need to contact your employer they have your best interest in mind and will NOT disclose any information about the company or what your business with them is.

Yeah, that’s right, these guys know it’s nobody’s business about your personal financial needs and they will not put you in an embarrassing situation at your job!

So, you know Red Leaf is not going to put you in an awkward situation and they are a responsible lending company that is there to help you get the funds you need when you need them to take care of what you need to take care of!

The facts stated above are the facts that brought us to giving RedLeafLoans our 5 out of 5 star rating in this review for Canadians looking for the best online payday loan company.
Apply online today using our secure application link above to take the necessary next step in getting the money you need.

Provinces Lends Money

Here is a list of the provinces Red Leaf Loans lends short term cash loans to:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Ontario

The feedback and reviews we’ve received have been nothing less than positive, however if you’ve used this company’s payday loan services, we need to hear from you to post on our blog so please make your thoughts count and submit your review of Red Leaf Loans below!

Please give us your thoughts about these guys right now including the good, the bad and the ugly.

CashNetUSA Review Payday Loan Company Review


When an emergency occurs and you’re finding your wallet is feeling a little too light, you desperately need access to cash right now the really great thing is there is a company like that is there to help you through you cash crisis.

The reason we’ve chosen CashNetUSA as one of the best in class payday lenders is due to their excellence in customer support. The payday loan industry is certainly full of a lot of shady companies with unscrupulous lending tactics but that’s not the case when you apply for a short term loan with the good people at!

These guys are a refreshing change from some of the underhanded companies out there today!

In fact, you know you can trust, because unlike most other payday or short-term loan lending companies they are registered with BBB, and the Better Business Bureau reports on this company prove they work hard to satisfy your needs. You can check out the BBB review of CashNetUSA for yourself.

Here’s a review of the benefits you get when you apply for a payday loan with this company:

Review of CashNetUSA Benefits

Here is a visual depiction of EXACTLY how easy it is to apply for a short-term loan from Cash Net USA:

CashNetUSA PayDay Loans Review

CashNetUSA PayDay Loans Review

When you apply for a short-term loan from CashNetUSA, it’s best to repay your loan by your next payday, however one of the best you may be able to take advantage of is an extension on your loan, provided that laws in your state allow extensions on payday loans.Another really great benefit we noticed while comparing payday companies is with these guys your credit doesn’t have to be perfect. Provided you have not been delinquent on a previous short term loan with any other lending company, the chances are excellent that you could receive the cash loan you need in your bank account as soon as the next business day!

Requirements Needed to Get a Loan from CashNetUSA

The requirements to receive a payday loan are as simple as this:


  • Requirement #1: You need a checking account
  • Requirement #2: You must be employed for only 1 month!
  • Requirement #3: You must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  • Requirement #4: You must be at least 18 years old


The above bullet points are all that’s need for you to qualify for a payday loan provided the laws in your state allow payday lending.

Don’t worry if your state doesn’t allow lenders to issue payday loans because has a solution for people that need a short-term loan in your area.

The fact is payday loan companies are heavily regulated so if you find that your state you can’t get a “payday loan”, the good news is there are short term loan lenders in most states.

For example if you’re living in Austin or Dallas and you’re looking for Texas payday loan providers, you might hear terms like CAB Loans. A CAB Loan stands for Credit Access Business Loan. If you happen to live in Texas, due to state laws CashNetUSA can’t issue a loan however what they will do for you is find a short term lender on your behalf.

That’s one of the best things about CashNetUSA, they know your local state lending laws and regulations and will find a short term loan to get you the money you need right now without the hassles of state regulations!

Everything we’ve just shared with you is why we are giving a 4.5 Star out of 5 Star Rating in this review.

Best Payday Loan

What Features to Expect from the Best Payday Loan Companies

There are lot of reasons you might need a payday loan, such as an emergency car repair or maybe a major appliance broke down. Regardless of what your reasons for needing some fast cash, we’ve compiled a list of the best payday loans going today.

When you’re applying for a payday loan online you will want to make sure you are dealing with a reputable but most importantly, an ethical payday loan service.

Here is our list of the top payday loan companies for you to compare:

Emergency Cash with Repayment Terms Up To 3 Years

There are times when emergencies come up and you need cash fast. is there to help you during your time of need and you can take up to 3 years to pay back your loan

Apply online and get a decision on your loan within an hour, sometimes you can get approved in as little as 5 minutes. Apply at now! – Get Money When You Need It



The motto of is you can get a payday loan in 2 easy steps, simply complete the application form then check your bank account. The reason we’ve selected AmeriAdvance as one of the top payday lenders is due to the quick cash advance turn around time. Typically within 24 hours you’ll have your loan deposited in your bank account!

For more information about these guys you can read our full review of AmeriAdvance and decide from yourself that this is certainly one of the top online payday lenders on the market today.

Fax Free Cash

Fax Free Cash

When you need fast cash for whatever emergency has come up and don’t want the hassle of faxing your information off to a lender, then Fax Free Cash is the best payday loan company for you.

You simply select the amount of money you need to borrow until your next payday, fill out the forms with your details, your employers details and within 7 minutes you’ll have a decision on your loan and you could have your funds on the same day you apply!

Facts About Payday Lenders & Recommendations

Payday loan companies are here to help you get through to next payday and are meant to be used for emergency cash such as a car repair, a medical bill or to purchase prescriptions you need right away.

When you’re applying for a short term loan like this, we advise you to apply for only the amount minimum you need because you need to pay this amount back on your next pay check. Sure, most payday loan companies will allow you to pay back the amount owed over a longer time period, however it’s wise to pay off your entire payday loan as soon as possible because the interest rates are quite high.

We also advise you to only apply for the lending companies we feature because these are the most ethical short term lending companies, there are a lot of bad apples out there in this industry and you need to make sure you only use trusted payday lenders.

If you have any questions or concerns about the best short term lending company for your needs, please feel free to contact us using our contact link at the bottom of this blog.