ioption review Binary Trading Platform Review

If you’re looking for a binary options trading platform, we think you’re going to really like the innovate software the folks at have created for you that make it very easy to trade binary options for not only new traders but seasoned veteran binary options traders.

Video Tour of Trading Platform

Here is a video tour of the iOption binary options brokerage and trading software, so you can see for yourself how good this online brokerage is for yourself.

How the iOption Trading Platform Works

This options platform allows you to trade a very wide range of options, which not all online trading platforms have. The fact is there are a lot of really great binary options trading platforms out there however there are a lot of trading platforms that focus primarily on a very select few types of options, for example some platforms focus primarily on the foreign currency exchange markets, while others focus primarily on indices.

When you sign-up with you are getting a binary trading platform that’s giving you access to every type of option you could ever want to trade and that’s what’s propelling this online brokerage to the top as an industry leader.

Once you’ve signed up for your trading account at, you can start trading all types of options.

From an easy to use drop down menu you can quickly select the type of binary option you want to trade.

The iOption platform enables you to quickly select a type of option such as commodities, indices, stocks and currencies.

Let’s say you decided you wanted to trade gold options, you can easily choose a long or short position in your choose option and here’s how easy it is to do that.

If you want to trade a gold commodity option, all you need to do is select Gold under the Commodities section of the easy to use drop down menu, then you all you need to do is make your prediction of what the direction of the price of gold will be at the option expiry time you select.

If you think the price of gold will go up at the point your option expires all you need to do within the iOption platform is select the call button and vice versa if you think the price of the commodity is going to go down at the time your option expires then click then call button.

From there, all you need to do to invest in the commodity option you’ve chosen is choose how much you want to trade.

The iOption platform also gives you a real time tracking tool so you can keep a close eye on the progress of your trade.

The reasons we really like the platform is the ease of use and the great customer support they provide. The support team at gives you live online support by way of an online chat window, or you can choose to contact them through a support ticket system and best of all you can call them on the phone. has phone support in the following countries:

  • Canada – Toronto
  • Cyprus – Nicosia
  • Denmark
  • Finland – Helsinki
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam
  • Norway – Oslo
  • Sweden – Stockholm
  • South Africa
  • Australia – Sydney
  • New Zealand – Auckland
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Turkey
  • Brazil is truly a global trading company that gives you one of the best binary options trading platforms out there along with excellence in customer support in your country plus the ease of use of their software is what has earned them a 5 out of 5 star rating.

Questrade Review

Review of the Questrade Online Brokerage

Questrade Review

Questrade Review has been designed to give you the tools and education you need to make informed investment decisions.

Questrade is a Canadian owned and operated discount brokerage firm that is revolutionizing the trading industry for people in Canada, especially if you’re investing in United States securities because what you might not realize is you could be wasting far too much money in currency exchange fees!

Watch the video below to learn more about why is one of the best online trading brokerages in Canada to see for yourself why these guys are leading the way in Canada, it’s not just their low commissions. Check out the video review and read our detailed summary & decide for yourself. Video Review

Why Sign-Up for

The first thing you are going to really like about transferring your investments to Questrade, is the simply fact you can actually see what’s happening with RRSP, your RESP’s, or any other investments you have especially if you are holding any United States securities.

Questrade helps you see the “hidden costs” involved in your portfolio with stocks in US markets, the fact is the cost of the currency exchange is hidden and to fully maximize your return on investment you need to know exactly what the true costs are.

That is just one of the things that makes Questrade one of the best online brokerage firms in Canada.

When you signup for your Questrade account you will get a free live stream of U.S. market data from the Nasdaq basic feed service plus when you submit your orders they are executed fast and by fast I mean at lightning speed because of the direct access to the markets Questrade provides you with.

Another major plus Questrade has is the market research tools they give you such as the market intelligence tool which allows you to simply enter a stock symbol and you can quickly see the company financials, valuation and a lot of other key factors you need to know about along side the latest news about the security you are looking at.

There are other great tools that Questrade provides for you, it’s because of the great tools and innovative platform this company has created for you is why we our review of gets a 5 out of 5 star rating.

etoro review

eToro Review of Trading Platform

eToro Review

eToro Review

You are going to see an eToro review video right below and you’re going to see just how easy it is to sign up for eToro and get started on their trading platform.

When you’re ready to start trading foreign currencies, you are about to find out why the eToro trading platform is becoming more and more popular amongst traders just like you and you’re about to find out why we say this is one of the best forex trading platforms out there today.

See for yourself, and watch the video review below, this video from an actual eToro user from Check out the video review below and you can sign up right now using the registration link below the review video.


Video Review of Using

What Does the eToro Trading Platform Do for You & How Does it Work?

The etoro trading platform has been built and designed specifically for people who want to make money trading foreign currencies.

In case, your a beginner, trading foreign exchange currencies is more frequently referred to as the ForEx market and this method of making money is done by watching fluctuations of the value of one currency versus another.

In the past, you would have needed really top notch mathematical analysis skills and you would have had to create complex charts and graphs to profit from the foreign currency exchange markets however that’s not the case anymore.

The trading platform has simplified all the complicated analysis that must be done by creating this really great online web-based ForEx trading software.

eToro has really changed the game, especially for beginner foreign exchange traders because their Forex trading platform has really simplified all the complicated analysis for you so conclusively anybody can trade the foreign exchange markets.

Next we’re going to talk about the benefits of using this free online forex trading platform .

You read that right! When you sign up right now it’s free to join and kick the tires and start doing some forex paper trades using their online trading software to decide for yourself if this is the forex trading platform for you.

Summary of Benefits You Get from eToro

The greatest benefit beginners to forex trading get is a free trading account with online support to teach you the ins and outs of trading foreign currencies online. The fact is a lot of other online forex trading sites charge your credit card to get the training you need, but that’s not the case with

To get started, all you need to do is register for your free forex training account using the registration form and once you’ve signed up for your etoro account, you will have access to all their trading software tools and their educational material plus the etoro support desk is there to answer your questions to help you make your first trades. is 100% committed to providing you with all the information you need to succeed and they provide your training for free, that alone is the reason we are giving the eToro Forex online trading platform a 5 out of 5 star rating, it’s this company’s devotion to helping you that has earned our top 5 star review.

Check it out for yourself and register today with our secure registration link right below the etoro video review. Review

Review of the Stock Trading Platform

Whether you’re a long term investor or a short term trader, you’ll see from the follow video review that this stock trading platform. eTrade brings leading edge technology to help you see where you’re money is and what’s happening from one central window.

Check it out

Here is a video review of the online stock trading platform 

Why Sign-Up at

One of the main reasons to sign up at is they have been the most popular choice of online investors for over 20 years and they are so confident that your going to love eTrade’s services that right now they are giving you 60 days of free trading.

To take advantage of the free trading offer all you have to do is fund your account
with $2,000 or more.

To fund your you can send a wire transfer which will have your account funded the same business day. You can also mail a check or transfer your funds from another trading account plus there’s the option of transferring money by way of an ACH transaction from your bank.

Once you open your eTrade account and deposit funds you have access to trading stocks, options and futures as mutual funds, bonds, and what’s even better is you’re not limited to just American companies, you will have access to securities from 77 countries. Summary of Services is one of the most well known online stock trading platforms mainly due to their advertising campaigns.  You know the one with the talking baby. Yeah, their commercials are certainly entertaining so for most people when it comes time to sign up for a trading platform, is at the forefront of their mind.

Just because is one of the most popular trading companies does not mean they are the best. The trading costs are a bit higher than other online stock trading platforms.

One really great things about is the ease of use where you can see all your trading activity and what’s happening with your money from one centralized panel. provides you with really great investing research tools and reporting tools with the eTrade 360 toolset.

Here’s what you get with your 360 tools:

  • Graphical Account View – A centralized snapshot of your investments.
  • Free Online Streaming Market Info
  • Watch Lists – You can track your investments in real time

Other than the cost of trades being a little bit higher than other online trading platforms, we really like the eTrade tools and user interface.

We give a 4 out of 5 star rating.

OptionsHouse Review

Review of OptionsHouse Online Trading Brokerage

When you see the promotional video about right below here on this review, you will see that Options House is an options trading brokerage platform that was created by highly successful options traders.

The trading tools and reports OptionsHouse has built to help you get your own trading successes was built by veteran options traders and they’ve built this stock options trades platform to make your research, buy and sell decisions intuitive with their easy to use platform.

Yes! is definitely beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the best options brokerage houses today.

Watch this OptionsHouse review video and decide for yourself if this is the best discount trading company online that’s going to help you achieve your financial goals Video Review of Benefits & Features

Watch this OptionsHouse review video to see the features and benefits you get when you signup today for an online trading account.


OptionsHouse Review in Detail

If you’re reading this Optionshouse review because you are looking  for one of the best discount trading options brokerage houses out there, then you definitely need to check out and here’s why they are such a great online trading platform to help you achieve success:

You’ve likely heard at sometime in your life, that if you want to achieve success you simply have to model yourself after somebody that’s already achieved your goals and dreams in life and that is exactly what you get when you sign-up online right now for a membership in

When you signup for the online trading platform, you are going to get to take advantage of already successful options traders because as you can see in the OptionsHouse review video featured above, you are going to be able to piggy-back off the success of people that have already achieved what you’ve set out to do.

When you find a system to piggy back off of, you can rest assured you are well on your way to achieving the same results.

However, it’s not enough to sit back and take notes on the successes of other stock and options trading stories.

The simple truth is, in order to achieve success you must first model yourself after people that have achieved success in the options trading game and once you’ve found your roll model, which you have already found right now with the trading platform.

The next and most important step you must take now that you’ve found your online mentoring through the program, but you MUST take action and enroll right now and get going because you if you wait till tomorrow, that’s only an excuse you are making and the fact is, think about this, tomorrow never comes, so start you’re new life of financial security by signing up right now, right here in this very OptionsHouse review!!!

If you don’t signup at this very moment then you are not serious about achieving your life’s dreams because this might not feel right for you due to your fears…

…Fears because of what people have been telling you about what you can’t do, I call these people “The I Can’ters”. You mustn’t listen to the naysayers and you must take charge of your life, and on that note the best advice I have for you is don’t talk to the I Can’t people about what you’re setting out to do because they will simply bring you down, the cool thing about most online trading platforms is you get to join their online community of success minded people just like you. If fact you can start hanging out with success minded people on the blog, we’ve all quit our real jobs years ago and totally understand what you are thinking, so please don’t be shy and use our contact page to get in touch with us so we can help you achieve your financial freedom too!

Seriously, all you really need to achieve your dreams is take advantage of the advice here on this OptionsHouse review, and take the first step towards achieving your financial objectives and sign up right now for OptionsHouse.

It’s time to stop letting the fear of what other people think and it’s time you once and for all started taking action towards getting what you want in life!!!!

Sign up right now using the links at the top of this Optionshouse review page to sign-up and take your first step towards achieving what you want and deserve from life.

Scottrade Review Review of Brokerage Excellence

The first thing that really stood out for us while diving into our research to write this Scottrade review was the fact that has devoted an entire department within their organization for customer education.

The great news for you is this means you’ve got a dedicated support team at Scottrade that’s going to make sure you get all the information you need to start using your trading account to buy and sell shares with the comfort of knowing there’s always someone there to help take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know. Video Review of How This Brokerage Works

Here’s a video explaining how Scottrade’s fundamental stock trading platform works:


Scottrade Review of Finding Stock Investing Fundamental Information

Scottrade Review

Scottrade Review is all about long term investing based on the fundamentals of company shares you would like to invest in.

It is very easy to find all the fundamental analysis you need in order to

When you sign-up for Scottrade, you will have access to the fundamental information you need to know for your analysis.

To get start in finding fundamental information using, the first thing you need to do after you sign-up for your online brokerage account is to click on the Quotes & Research tab on the top of the page inside your account.

Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is click on the left side menu of your Scottrade account is click on the Stocks link, then simply enter the name or market trading symbol of the company you want to research and then hit the go button and you’re going to get all the stock trading fundamental information you need to know to make informed long term investing decisions.

Here is what you will see once you’ve logged into your online brokerage account and selected a stock to research.

While checking out the online trading platform Scottrade for this review, what we really like and know you’re going to like as well when you sign up with this online stock brokerage is the ease of navigation inside your account.

When you login to your account you can quickly and easily start researching any company you are thinking about investing in and you get access to a summary chart of the stocks performance plus you get easy access to check out the investing fundamentals of the company.

With a bird’s eye view, you can instantly see fundamental trading data that you need to know about such as the Gross and Net Profit Margins, you also get to see the income statement information about the company as well as the Management Effectiveness.

You can see all this information in the Scottrade review video near the top of this blog post.

It’s already been said in this Scottrade review that when you sign-up for Scottrade, you are not alone in your self directed online trading, this online stock brokerage not only has a dedicated team devoted to helping you, they also give you online access to their knowledge center plus their online community.

What the knowledge center and online community does for you that really makes them stand out as a leader in the online stock brokerage industry is you not only get to learn from their team of experts, you also can talk to other Scottrade members about how they use fundamental analysis to build their wealth.

Being able to get advice from your online stock brokerage firm is a really great thing however what’s even better than that is having the ability to talk to other Scottrade customers about how they use the data they get from their Scottrade trading account.

Our team of financial experts feels conclusively that you will really like the tools and features Scottrade has developed for your trading success!

Zecco Review

Zecco Trading Platform Review

The first thing we loved while doing our research to prepare this Zecco review for you is the focus Zecco Trading has placed on make the technical analysis of stocks easy to understand even for people who are new to trading stocks online.

The technical analysis that Zecco does for you goes straight to the heart of the matter in helping you pick your stocks based on the short term supply and demand.

How the Zecco Online Stock Brokerage Works

The Zecco Trading platform is best suited for stock traders who want to make money from day trading and swing trading. Here is a review of how the Zecco trading platform works.

Zecco focusses solely on the short term supply and demand of a stock, forget about all the factors you think you should be looking at, when you are swing trading things like book value and earnings of a company really don’t matter.

All that matters when you are doing short term trading is how much volume is happening with any given stock. If traditional research indicates a stock is undervalued, that’s great for long term investing however when you are swing trading for faster cash returns it really doesn’t matter if the stock is undervalued if nobody is buying it, likewise with a stock that might appear over-valued, if the stock is selling like hotcakes it’s likely going to be a winner for your short term swing trade.

Here are the factors Zecco uses in their online trading platform:

MACD Indicators

What the trading term MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence. MACD is a technical indicator used when trading stocks used to easily see the trends and momentum of a stock you are looking at.

Zecco trading has MACD indicators built into their trading tools so you can make a very informed decision about your swing trade.

Trade Volume Indicators

The volume of stocks trading is a very important factor to know about because the fact is without large trade volumes, it’s going to be difficult to sell your stock and take your profits.

The Zecco trading platform includes the trading volume data you need to know about to make a winning stock purchase or sale for that matter.

Stochastic Trading Indicators

The stochastic indicator is another factor used with the Zecco online trading tools and what this stochastic indicator shows you is if a stock is over-purchased or over-sold.

When the Zecco stochastic indicator shows stocks that are being oversold and that is a very strong indicator that stock is a great buy.

ShareBuilder Review

ING Direct ShareBuilder Review

What you’re about to find out in this ShareBuilder review, from ING Direct, is what this stock trading brokerage firm is all about.

The ING Direct ShareBuilder stock trading platform was design for people that are long term investors versus those adrenaline junkies that love risking large amounts of money for a quick, and very sizable payday.

In this ING Direct ShareBuilder Review you’re going to see this is the best online stock trading company for people that are into investing over the long haul.

Check out the video review of what the ShareBuilder program is all about: Video Review

Here is a video review of the features, benefits and type of online trading style was made for:

Sign-Up For ShareBuilder Here


ShareBuilder Review of What This Online Brokerage Does

The ING Direct ShareBuilder platform for trading stocks online is not for the aggressive investor, this platform is for people that want to take control over their long term stock positions that aren’t looking for that overnight quick cash injection strategy that a lot of other trading firms promote.

The ING Direct ShareBuilder online brokerage has the perfect tools and reports for long term investors.

If you’re looking to self manage your long term stock investments for retirement and you are adverse to the risks of the ups and downs of day trading or swing trading, then the ING Direct ShareBuilder tools are perfect for you.

If you’ve tried other stock brokerage software and you’re finding there are way too may charts that give overly in-depth information for your financial goals and dreams, the is going to be right for you.

The ShareBuilder program has been designed specifically for people like you that are into investing for the long term where you don’t have to be looking at too many charts, news reports and lots of other factors that will overwhelm you. Review Summary

The Sharebuilder online trading platform has been created specifically for people that want simplicity in managing their long term investments.

When you sign up for ING Direct Sharebuilder, you’re going to love getting a self directed investment platform that helps you grow your investments without all the information overload that’s involved with the adrenaline junkie short term share trading strategies that are out there.

ING Direct ShareBuilder is simply one of the best trading brokerages for people that are looking for conservative, long term stock trading strategies.

To sum up our review of, this is the best share trading software and brokerage house to help you grow your net worth over the long haul.

Every conservative stock trading investor will gain a lot of benefits from using ShareBuilder, sign up online right now to start growing your investment portfolio.

TradeMonster Review

Review of the TradeMonster Stock Trading Platform

The first thing we must share with you in this TradeMonster review, especially if you are new to trading stocks, what we love about TradeMonster is when you first create your online brokerage account you get instant access to their paper trading area.

If you are very new to trading, what paper trading means is you are not actually putting any real money on the line, the paper trading area of your TradeMonster account is where you can practice your trades first before you put your hard earned dollars on the line.

The first thing we make sure of when conducting our research about an online brokerage firm, such as this TradeMonster review, is the stock trading company has an area where you can paper trade first before risking any money in the stock market.

The great news is does have a paper trading area for you to practice your trades in.

TradeMonster Review Video

Get Started with Now!

It’s free to get started and you don’t have to make a deposit. That’s right you can practice your trading real time for free when you join TradeMonster today.

More About the Online Brokerage Firm

The TradeMonster online stock trading software gives you a birds eye view of everything you need to see when your trading. Here is a summary of the types of things you can instantly see about the stocks you’re trading when you use TradeMonster

You get an accounts tab that allows you to easily jump back and forth between your paper trading account and your live “real money on the line” account.

The really great thing about TradeMonster is the ease of navigation, not just between your paper trading and real trades, but you can also from one easy to use tool jump over to check on the markets whether it’s stocks, funds or options.

You get an easy way to check out all the charts you need to keep an eye on and then when you see the signals are perfect for you to buy or sell you simply click over to the Trading menu. Review Review of Binary Trading Brokerage

For those of you looking for a binary option trading brokerage firm you need to read this 24Option Review because it is simply one of the best binary trading options companies out there because of the very low risk involved in using their tools



Detailed 24Option Review is a web based binary options trading company which means you can trade from anywhere at anytime provided you have access to a computer and the internet. That’s one of the handiest things about a trading platform like this is you can use it on any computer.

The next thing that we loved while investigating inside the interface to prepare this 24option review for you was the easy to understand options training manual that’s included with your account.

The binary trading tutorial that they gives you lays out everything you need to know about using their trading platform plus gives you the facts you need to know about binary options trading.

All the jargon you need to know is included in their free trading tutorial guide plus they give you easy to follow instructions for funding your account and how to start trading options.

The binary trading platform is one of the best options brokers online simply because of the education and online support they provide plus it’s incredibly easy to use and understand!

Trading binary options is very easy when you sign up for, not just because of the training guide they give, it’s easy to trade options here because of the simplicity of the tool. The 24option trading interface is simple and straight forward and it could be what you’re missing in your options trading endeavors.

Signup today and check it out, it doesn’t cost a dime for you to sign up for an account to see just how easy the binary options trading tool is to use. There’s absolutely no risk in signing up, there’s no credit card or payment required to join and have a look at this really great tool.