LiquidWeb Review

LiquidWeb Web Hosting Review

One of the most frequently asked questions I get in my inbox from people I’ve mentored to success is what hosting company I use and I give them my personal LiquidWeb review of why I think is simply one of the best hosting companies I’ve ever used.

I’ve been in business for myself since 2001 and I can honestly say I’ve never found a better hosting company before, sure there are some decent hosting companies out there but when you sign up for one of LiquidWeb’s dedicated servers or VPS hosting packages you are going to have very reliable hosting and second-to-none support.

Here is a high level LiquidWeb review of the benefits you get when you sign-up for their services and then I’ll go into more detail about why I am giving LiquidWeb review a 5-out-of-5 star rating.

Review of Key Benefits Hosting Provides

As a small business owner operating online for over 10 years now, I’ve had a slew of endless problems with other hosting companies and I have finally found one of the best website hosting providers with LiquidWeb because of many factors.

One of the factors you may not think about when you open a new web hosting account are issues pertaining to website security both for the protection of your data on your server and the protection of your website visitors.

One of the best features that I need to mention in this LiquidWeb review is the security that’s built-in when you order your hosting from this company.

While your busy planning and building your small business, you know you need a hosting company however you likely haven’t put much attention into the security of your data on your web server and if you don’t pay attention to security I can tell you first hand if an event like a DDoS attack happens and your site gets hijacked by some evil-doers out there it is going to leave your business limping on life support.

In fact, I recently moved this blog, the VEO, to LiquidWeb because of a DDoS attack that took over my previous server and it took weeks away from doing productive tasks in my business.

Since moving to LiquidWeb there have been more attempts to hijack and destroy my website and the great news is the high level security that LiquidWeb provides me with prevented my business from being offline for days or weeks. has very sophisticated security protection software in place to protect you and your website visitors.

The security measures that this hosting company has put in place works and is one of the many reasons I have given a 5-out-of-5 star rating to them in my LiquidWeb review I am sharing with you.

Other Important Security Services Provides

PCI Compliance – PCI Compliance stands for Payment Card Industry Compliance and this is very important if you want to accept credit card payments from your customers online.

There are very heavy regulations in place in order to accept online credit card payments and without having a PCI compliant web hosting company you will not be able to process your customers credit card orders.

Firewall Protection – Liquid Web also has installed some of the leading edge Firewall software to protect you from malicious attacks

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Security – LiquidWeb offers you VPN access which is a private network that will give you even further protection for you data and business infrastructure.

LiquidWeb Review of Web Hosting Service Offers

If you’ve done searches on the search engines like Google, you likely saw there was a negative review or 2 out there about LiquidWeb’s shared hosting services because of sites hosted on their share hosting level hogging up too many resources.

The fact is when you order shared hosting, while it’s very cheap, it’s not going to serve you well if you are ordering hosting with the hopes of making money because with share hosting on any hosting company you are sharing the computing resources with hundreds if not thousands of other websites and the fact is on share hosting your servers response time is going to be impacted by you and the hundreds of others on your server.

If you are on a very tight budget, starting off with a shared hosting plan is OK however I recommend you take one of the Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting packages if you are serious about having success with your website.

The reason I strongly urge you to start with a VPS from LiquidWeb is you will do much better with ranking in search engines like Google because web server response time over the last few years has become a major issue in getting your pages to the top of Google and it’s that reason alone that I no longer use cheap shared hosting for any new sites or blogs that I build for myself or any of my clients for that matter.

LiquidWeb does offer managed dedicated servers which is the top level of server you can get, a dedicated server is self-explanatory, when you order one of their dedicated server packages you get a full server with no other sites on that server, you are basically leasing a server devoted to you and your company only.

If you have the budget I highly recommend that you start with a managed dedicated server however if you’re budget is too tight for a dedicated server then the next best solution is the LiquidWeb VPS hosting packages.

The VPS hosting packages are very similar to the Dedicated Servers with the main difference being that on a VPS server, there are other sites hosted on the server however you get a dedicated amount of computing resources such as memory, bandwidth and CPU’S.

While there are other sites hosting on a VPS server, the VPS packages at LiquidWeb are a much higher level than the shared hosting packages. If you are reading this LiquidWeb review and you are wondering what’s the difference between Shared Hosting and VPS hosting since both packages share a server with other sites, the difference is with a Shared Hosting package you do not get any resources allocated to only your site whereas with the LiquidWeb hosting package your site gets allocated a set amount of resources that will not get eaten up by any other sites on the server your website is hosted on.

I recommend that you start with at least the 2GB Ram / 150GB Disk space, single CPU VPS hosting package from LiquidWeb, although the 3rd level VPS hosting offer is much better for not that much more money because this level gives you 2x the RAM and storage plus you get 2 processors which will make your website response time for your visitors incredibly fast.

LiquidWeb Review of Support Staff

Last but not least in this LiquidWeb review is their most amazing support staff!

The folks at have given the name of their support “Heroic Support” and their support staff are truly heroic.

While I have had no major issues with my hosting company I have called them for help with issues other hosting companies simply won’t help with.

My last support call to them was to get some help with installing some 3rd party database software and they were able to help me in minutes with what would have taken me hours to figure out, that alone is awesome.

The most impressive thing for me though was just how fast I am always able to get through to an incredibly knowledgable support person, the last call I made to them for support took about 15 seconds to get a live English as a first language speaking support agent on the phone. The longest I’ve had to wait to talk on the phone with their support staff was about 30 seconds.

Never before have I had a hosting company where the time to get on live with telephone support has been that fast, other hosting companies you can expect to be waiting on hold for 30 minutes or more.

As you can see from everything I’ve mentioned in the LiquidWeb review, there are so many great reasons to order your hosting from this company

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If you are looking for a Could Hosting solution, the folks at have that too with their Storm On Demand scalable cloud hosting servers. If it’s cloud hosting you need then check out their cloud solutions below:

Whether you choose the regular hosting solutions or cloud servers, you will be more than impressed with the top-top service excellence the team at Liquid Web delivers! Order your hosting solution from these guys today!

LiquidWeb is quite frankly the best hosting company I’ve ever used and I’ve been working online full-time for close to 14 years now. You are going to be very impressed with the support you get!

Send Mass Email Service

Send Mass Email Service – What Marketing Campaign Software to Use

If you are looking for a send mass email service you need to make sure that not only do you get the best in class tracking and reporting to monitor your newsletter subscriber’s response you need to make sure the email marketing solution you choose also offers high deliverability rates.

You also need to make sure that the send mass email service you use to get your targeted email messages out to your existing customers and lead prospects is easy to use and includes features like newsletter templates.

Further to that you must make sure that your bulk email marketing campaigns are going to be cost effective because there are a LOT of unscrupulous companies that will sell you an email marketing solution at a highly inflated cost for the same software we’ve used.

What Send Mass Email Service Should You Use?

To get the most out of your web site traffic and stay in touch with your new and existing leads you need to take the risk free $1 trial of the best hosted solution for a test drive of their send mass email service.

That company we recommend to all business owners, entrepreneurs and charitable organizations that need to stay in touch with their leads is aweber.

Don’t take my word for it, listen to what people have to say about Aweber’s mass email service here:

Get Started Today For Only $1! – AWeber Communications

If you have any questions about how to use a mail email service or need advice with any of your online marketing campaigns, whether it be email marketing, SEO, PPC, viral marketing or social media efforts make sure you take a moment to sign up for the VEO Mastermind club by clicking on the registration link in the sidebar of this page.

broadcast email services

Not all broadcast email services are created equally and the first thing you need to know when you’re trying to get your email newsletter sent direct to your potential customer’s inbox is your message could get instantly flagged as spam by ALL major Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) and when that happens every bulk email broadcasting effort you make is in vane because NONE of your prospects will receive your important communications about what’s happening in your business and why they should come back to your website or call you to take advantage of your offer.

If you think you can successfully host and deliver your marketing message using a self hosted bulk email marketing software package you’ve got to give your head a shake right now because chances are NONE of your email is going to reach your prospective customers due to the heavy restrictions EVERY inbox has in place due to ISP’s and spam filters so in order to take your business to the next level and get massive ROI on all your search engine marketing campaigns you need to make sure you’ve got the right broadcast email services in place that have an established relationship with all the major internet service provides and more importantly a service that is TRUSTED by inbox spam filters to ensure your important business communications get delivered to your base of prospects.

If you chose the wrong email marketing service, you need to know that all your search engine marketing efforts to capture new leads are in vain because the email communication follow-up sequence is critical to your success in growing your business.

What Should I Look for to Find the Best Broadcast eMail Services

What you need to make sure you get first and foremost from any broadcast email services is Trust with all Internet Service Providers.

Trust from ISP’s is very important to expedite email marketing campaigns and get your message to your prospective customer base.

Email marketing is one of the MOST effective ways to reach out to your potential and existing customers to start growing your business because, quite frankly, your customers and prospects may have forgotten about you.

The fact is companies that grow their business at light speed know the power of broadcast email services that have the trust of ISP’s and spam filters to deliver your email marketing message direct to the inbox of existing customers getting you higher retention rates on repeat buyers and building the trust of new prospects and turning them into new customers and new repeat buyers.

You need to make sure you get a FREE quote from to get a one stop shop for installing, implementing and helping you create a sales funnel that will not only get new customers for you but get your existing customer base buying from you over and over again!

Contact us today to get your free quote and website assessment to see just how powerful our broadcast email services are to help you take your business to the next level and put more money in your bank account!

Online Marketing for Best Brand Engagement

To get online marketing for the best brand engagement for your business especially in this time of recession requires the right mix of marketing strategies. As you are likely already aware offline marketing strategies are not achieving the results you want because the major state of change happening before our eyes has shifted from offline media such as television, newspapers and radio.

The problem with saturation marketing tactics offline is the offline media does not allow you to laser target your customers at the exact second they are looking for you and you are wise to find ways of online marketing for best brand engagement because the team at Zion Marketing has a solution to get your brand in front of customers exactly when they are looking to buy your product or service.

Here’s only a small sample of how our team gets laser targeted customers by creating a solution of online marketing for best brand engagement, it’s these tactics that make our services stand out from the crowd to get more credit card in hand, check book out and contract signed and increasing your bottom line.

The key online marketing strategies that you need to build brand loyalty include a mix of these online marketing tactics:

Mobile Marketing Solutions

You need to make sure as part of your brand engagement and brand loyalty that you have a mobile version of your website because on of the latest trends of online marketing for best brand engagement is targeting your prospective customers when they are looking for you on their handheld mobile devices.

Social Media Campaign Creation

Further to having a mobile marketing blog you are going to need to engage your target market via social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

It’s not enough to only have a social media profile you need to actively work at creative strategies to build your brand loyalty and create a massive following.

Social media marketing is a daunting task and if it’s not done right your going to miss out on customers and our team will get this done for you to help you sky rocket your brand loyalty leading to higher conversion rates.

Search Marketing Strategies

Last but not least, you need to make sure your search marketing strategies are working for you when people find you in the social media and don’t have an existing relationship with you, you need to ensure your search marketing strategies are in place so when they perform a Google search for you that your prospective customers find only good stuff about you.

Reputation management is a key component that we provide to our customers to ensure all other online marketing strategies are working for you.

You’ve found a 10 year online marketing veteran that knows exactly how to put together highly effective online marketing for best brand engagement campaigns in place making your business.

Right now we are only accepting serious businesses owners and companies. If you are serious about your business we are serious about yours so please submit your comments below or contact us on our “Contact Us” page and let us know what your online marketing needs are to engage your customers and build brand loyalty using our proven VEO strategies leading to consistently increasing conversion rates.

Strategic Internet Marketing Services

Our strategic internet marketing services will help you achieve success through our proven web marketing tactics using VEO (Visitor Experience Optimization) techniques, VEO is a proprietary system developed by 10 year internet marketing veteran Colin McDougall that has produced over $30 million in annual sales revenue for businesses just like yours.

Colin McDougall, based in Vancouver BC, Canada has teamed up with veteran marketer Mike Long based in Sacramento California to offer you a one-stop shop for internet marketing services giving you the opportunity to fully outsource your every aspect of your online marketing campaigns.

However if you only need strategic marketing services for one aspect of your online website promotions we also provide a la carte services to get your target audience drooling over your offer.

We’ve put together a top notch team of creative marketing experts and SEO workers to help take your business to the next level so make sure you contact us to get a FREE website audit to discover where your online business efforts are working and where you need improvement to increase your online sales revenues.

When you register for your FREE website audit you’ll also get access to our “Weekly Live Success Session” webinars were you get to ask our team of creative marketing experts anything you want.

Strategic Internet Marketing Services Offered by the Zion Internet Marketing Group

SEO Services

What impresses the Zion Marketing Group’s customers with our strategic internet marketing services has an uncanny ability to get top search engine results using our proprietary VEO tactics the no other SEO service providers offer. When you hire us to get your organic search engine rankings you’ll benefit from our link building strategies that are compliant with Google.

There are several factors you need to know about before you hire a company for SEO services. Search engine optimization includes onsite and offsite factors and it’s critical for your success that you get these elements of search engine optimization done right otherwise your going to miss out on a flood of new customers

What are the factors that influence search engine results?

  • Semantic Keyword Research & Website Content Planning
  • Website content creation using VEO tactics is a must
  • Link Building – Acquiring offsite relevant links is critical for SEO success
  • Social Media Marketing – Top search engine rankings are now being influenced by your social media popularity
  • Lead Generation & E-Mail Marketing Services

    You’re likely aware that a prospective customer typically won’t buy from you until they’ve heard from you or about your business 7 times and that’s the power of lead generation and our email marketing services, we’ll work with you to close more sales increasing your bottom line with our automated eblast services.

    Ecommerce Solutions Implementation

    What a lot of small to medium sized business owners have neglected is implementation of ecommerce solutions which include installation and management of an online shopping cart, a 1-800 is not enough for online success.

    We’ll install and implement an ecommerce shopping cart solution that fits your business needs and help you recruit an online sales force working purely on commission by helping you set-up and recruit a commission based sales team working for you via an affiliate program.

    Summary of Strategic Internet Marketing Services We Deliver

    SEO Services

  • Semantic VEO Keyword Research & Website Content Planning
  • Website Content Creation
  • Offsite content creation including Press Releases, Web 2.0, Social Media and Link Building
  • Ecommerce Solutions Implementation & Management

  • Shopping Cart Setup & Optimization
  • Implementation of Affiliate Programs & Recruitment of Online Sales Force
  • Lead Generation & E-Mail Marketing Services

  • Viral Marketing Package Creation
  • Implementation & Optimization of Lead Capture System
  • Automated Lead Follow-Up Communications
  • Testing and Tuning of Automated Customer Follow-Up Sequence
  • If you’re on the fence about what the Zion Internet Marketing group can do for your business make sure you register for the Live Success Sessions to see exactly what we can do for your business.

    If you have any questions about any aspect of our strategic marketing services please feel free to leave your questions, comments and concerns here on our internet marketing blog and again make sure you register for the Live Internet Marketing Success Sessions to take your business to the top of your niche.

    How to Apply Local SEO to Google Places

    Local SEO is an emerging discipline that has a high demand in a growing market. Local internet marketing is very similar to old school SEO, but with a slightly different focus. Keyword research, a good offer and high visibility are all important factors for a local business, and Google Places plays an important role in this picture.

    Media Changes Cause Upset

    Over the last decade there has been a gradual shift from traditional media to online media. Now that we are into the second decade of the 21st century, that change has almost eliminated media like the Yellow Pages and created a dilemma for some businesses.

    As a local SEO services provider I hear business owners complain about being inundated by telemarketers selling local search optimization. They’re confused because quoted fees range from a few hundred up to $1,500 + monthly maintenance fees. To help understand why, realize that some of these local marketing people are only skimming the surface in their understanding of how deep the rabbit hole goes regarding Google Places and local search marketing.

    Google places has become almost as important as your website when it comes to attracting new business. Connecting the dots in local SEO is a science that needs constant upgrading to stay current, so an informed service provider will be key to your success in this area.

    Important Points for Google Business Local

    Google Places optimization is different from traditional SEO in a number of respects. For instance, instead of looking for relevant content, the search bots look for confirmation of a physical address. Things like your address, phone number, zip code, neighborhood and other local identifiers are used to lock down your location. Here are a few helpful tips when claiming your Google Places profile.

    • Accurate company contact information
    • Registered company name in the title only
    • Keywords in the 200 character company description
    • No keyword stuffing
    • Only choose from provided categories (no custom categories)
    • Your company information on local business directories
    • 10 Pictures and 5 Videos
    • Hours of operation
    • Coupons
    • Fresh information on the mini blog every week or so
    • Reviews
    • Local SEO for your main website

    One of the best marketing investments you can make right now is to hire a Local SEO services provider with a proven track record. A company who knows their stuff will be able to optimize your website for a number of important keywords. Commercial intent keywords with good traffic volume will be your primary target. Then a strong call to action will help convert those visitors into buyers.

    Hiring a Local Marketing Company

    If local SEO is on your mind right now, call for a free consultation. We will help you determine the most effective approach and design a marketing plan to fit your budget. Call 1-800-946-4820 – Dwain Berlin – Virtual Anchor SEO

    *** Effective Local Internet Marketing ***
    Imagine dominating your local market
    Discover how to get 4 –> Page One listings!

    Build Your E-mail List While Making Money

    It’s true. Your e-mail list is the golden nugget that keeps laying your golden eggs. Over the past few weeks I have talked to some people who know they want an email list for obvious reasons including: making money every time you send an e-mail, repeat customers, life long income, it”s your own traffic source to name a few.

    And what is the number one reason people are scared to build a massive list? The cost. For some reason people have this thought that to build a list you have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars and yet you have no guarantee to make your money back. I mean 1 bad e-mail you could lose all their trust and they ever buy again.

    For something like this you need to learn howto think outside the box. Why go by what everyone is saying? Why not make money WHILE building a list. Impossible? Nope, I have done it many times, and so have a lot of my friends. There are a few ways you can do this.

    First off, if you’re promoting an affiliate offer successfully why not test adding an opt-in box before they see the offer. This way you can build a list and chances are you will get close to the same amount of instant conversions but also build a list and have a more chances at getting the sale through follow up emails. So the easiest way is if you already have a winning campaign to add in the opt-in box to optimize and get every dollar out of the campaign you can.

    Secondly, this is a cool little trick I used to instantly cover 75% of my ad spend cost while building a list of thousands that still pays me today. By using the double opt-in method you can redirect them to any page you want once they confirm their email. Why not send them to a ‘Thank You’ page that has a 1 time gift…or a 1 time deal. I’ve used those free email and zip submits for this and have had great success in covering my ad spend. That little trick combined with giving them a related offer right away has proven very valuable.

    Want to learn more email marketing and list build strategies on how to make money fast? If you are interested in learning more about list building, email marketing and just making money online in general then click here.

    Good luck and best of luck making it rich online!

    Simple SEO Trick To Rank With Zero Backlinks and Make Money

    Did you know it’s actually possible to rank for some keywords in Google with Zero backlinks? It’s true this little trick that only a few people have discovered will allow you to rank in Google with zero (or only a few) backlinks.

    In Googles enormous and amazing algorithm for ranking websites there is a section that gives extra weight depending on your domain name. In the Internet marketing industry people refer to this as exact match domains. This means that if your trying to rank for the keyword ” new york gyms ” and you owned the domain you would have a huge advantage over other sites ranking for the same term. This means you will need less backlinks than your competitors. Allowing you to spend less time building links and more time making money.

    So if you’re lucky enough to have an exact match domain already or you do some research and find a good one your life will be much easier. There ave been several times I found a nice long tail keyword, check Name Cheap and surprisingly the domain was still available. Lots of time the .com and .net’s are gone but don’t be scared to scoop up the .org, when it comes to exact match domains it’s very powerful.

    Now, lets say all the above .com, .net and .org are all gone…the next best thing is to hyphen the words. The less hyphens you have the more power your domain will see in Google’s rankings. Going back to our example above you could buy the domain and still get extra credits according to Google’s algorithm.

    Now, you still want to make sure the keyword you choose will make you enough money to be worth this small time and money investment. So I would only choose keywords that have at least 5,000 exact searches a month. It may take a few hours to find a little gold nugget but it’s 100% worth it for your ROI on your time and money invested.

    This one of of the little SEO tricks that people use to make money online everyday. Now remember, if you use an exact match domain, you may need some backlinks and unique content to rank if there is some competition but you will definitely have a huge advantage over all other sites in the eyes of Google.

    Now go out there, find some golden budget domains and start making money online. If you’re wondering some other ways on how to make money online check out

    Social Networking Sites

    Social networking sites are open typically to people 13 and older depending on the nature of the network, if it’s a social networking site that caters to a topic like online dating then that type of site is only open to people 18 and older. Usually social networking websites cater to a broad range of interests and the social network users create the internal communities.

    What are the best social networking sites?

    As the internet evolves with twists and turns being the norm, one would have said a few years ago that a site like MySpace was one of the best however with massive changes to their user interface, limiting what people can do with their MySpace pages and overly intrusive advertising banners.

    The latest social networking site people are raving about is, the reason I agree with them is the fact that there is something different that makes this website stand out from all other social networking sites, while it’s got all the usual stuff you expect from a social network such as instant messaging, the ability to create your own groups, play games send ecards and all the other features you’d expect from social networking sites.

    The stand out feature of this social networking site is to start with the website owners actually send you a personal greeting welcoming you to the community and extend a helping hand to all new members.

    Another thing I really like about FriendBurst is the real time video chat that’s built in so when you are connecting with other people, whether it’s a personal relationship you are looking to establish or you are using the social community to showcase your music, paintings or make business connections, the video chat feature is awesome because you can establish a more personal connection and have a virtual face-to-face discussion.

    Sign up for FriendBurst Here