AeroMexico Visa Signature Rewards Credit Card Review

AeroMexico Credit Card

Can I Get A Prescription For Tramadol Online AeroMexico Visa Signature Credit Card Review The AeroMexico Visa Signature Credit Card is another credit card from the US Bank which specializes in partnerships with smaller, more global airlines as opposed to striking deals with larger airlines. In this case, the AeroMexico card is tied to the AeroMexico airline which flies all over the world, though centers on flights through and around Mexico.

go to link This particular credit card is geared towards helping you to fly more often for less money through the AeroMexico airline, so if this sounds good to you, what should you know about this card?

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What Are The Benefits of the AeroMexico Credit Card Offer?

enter Keep in mind before we even start that this card is geared heavily towards people who are going to fly with AeroMexico. If you don’t, or can’t, fly with this particular airline, we would suggest you check out a more general travel rewards credit card for your needs. If you do fly with AeroMexico regularly, let’s take a look at what you’ll get for this credit card!

follow url Being a travel rewards credit card means that this card gives you miles which can then be redeemed for air travel tickets when flying AeroMexico. You get 20,000 bonus miles when you use your card for the first time and 4,000 bonus miles upon the renewal of your card every year. You then get 2 miles/$1.00 spent on gas, groceries and AeroMexico airfare and 1 mile/$1.00 spent on anything else. You can redeem these points through AeroMexico or through Delta and other SkyTeam partners.

go here On top of the miles you can earn on the money you spend, you also get some nice perks. You get 15% off airfare purchased through AeroMexico and a complimentary companion ticket every year on the anniversary of your card. You also get access to club premier elite status qualification miles which can help you get membership access to exclusive perks and benefits at this particular airline.

go This includes spending your points on electronics (if you live in Mexico), preferential treatment on airlines, priority check-in, baggage handling and extra miles when flying AeroMexico and paying regular fare. This card can also help you reach platinum membership which gives you preferential seating, guaranteed reservations on oversold flights, priority boarding and check-in and additional miles. Of course this is all tied to AeroMexico, but if you fly here regularly anyway, moving up in membership is a wonderful extra bonus.

source link Furthermore, as a Visa Signature card owner, you also get some nifty perks. These include no preset spending, concierge services, access to upgrades and perks when you book rooms through the luxury hotel collection. You also get VIP packages for sports and entertainment and special offers for shopping. And then you get peace of mind with things like zero fraud liability and emergency card and cash replacement if your card is lost or stolen. All in all, you get a nice bundle of benefits, particularly for a card that is highly specialized.

Fees to Use the AeroMexico Visa Signature Card Much like other travel cards through US Bank, this card also has an Annual Fee-in this case, $80 which is waived in the first year. It has an APR of low to average depending on your credit worthiness and a somewhat high APR on cash advances. There are no introductory interest rates on purchases or balance transfers unfortunately which puts this card below others in terms of cost advantages. However, other fees on things like late payments are about average.

The AeroMexico Visa Signature Card gives you the benefits of being a Visa Signature member combined with the benefits of flying with AeroMexico regularly. If you are a customer of AeroMexico or becoming one is appealing, this is a great credit card to use in order to get you rewards faster.

You can apply for the AeroMexico Visa Signature Card using our secure application link near the top of this review and enjoy earning your travel rewards!

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