Get the Best Airport Lounge Access Card

When you take advantage of one of the airport lounge access card offers we’ve featured below you’re going to get a lot more VIP privileges than access to your choice of airport lounges.

As soon as you receive one of the charge cards featured here you’re going to get an airport lounge access card that comes with a lot more perks you’ll love to have.

The charge cards we’ve featured here are simply the most luxurious credit card offers on the market in 2012 and as you can see from the features you get these are more than only airport lounge access card offers.

These offers are all about giving you the luxury perks you demand, apply now to start getting your VIP perks:

Airport Lounge Access Card Offer Membership Reviews

The best thing about having an airport lounge access card in your wallet is your boarding pass for travel day does not have to be a first class ticket.

You know as well as I do when travelling on a short flight the cost of paying for a business class or first class flight just isn’t worth it.

Plus there’s a lot of times I’ve wanted a first class airline ticket however when flying on a small commuter jet there’s simply no business or first class seating.

When flying on those short flights or on those small commuter jets the fact is the airport becomes a lot nicer place to be at when you got your VIP Airport Lounge Access Card.

It’s so nice to be able to enjoy a soda or an alcoholic beverage with free WiFi access without the noise and crowds of the airport.

You know what I’m talking about so I want to tell you about the most prestigious credit cards you can get today, sure there’s a high annual fee with these cards, and however the price you pay gives you a lot of luxury perks that pays for itself over and over again.

Here are the best airport lounge access card memberships you can join in 2012:

Black Card – Airport Lounge Access Card Membership

What’s becoming one of the most popular airport lounge access card membership is the elite status symbol Visa Black Card.

The Black Card from Visa is all about luxury living!

Besides getting your airport lounge access card membership, you get a lot more first class VIP benefits, here’s what you get when you enrol in this exclusive membership:

  • VIP Airport Lounge Access
  • Personal 24 Hour Concierge Service – Including personal shopping
  • Exclusive Rewards and Luxury Gifts
  • Get 1% Cash Back
  • The Visa Black Card is quickly becoming the top choice of people applying for airport lounge access card memberships.

    Take advantage of the luxury benefits this luxury credit card offers and apply now!

    Airport Lounge Access Card – Platinum Card from American Express

    Another excellent VIP airport lounge access card is the American Express Platinum Card.

    This is also an elite membership giving you a lot of the same benefits as the Visa Black Card however the Amex Platinum Card is a charge card meaning you must pay your balance in full every month.

    While you’re likely able to pay your balance in full every month it’s nice having the option of paying your balance over time.

    Plus the Visa airport lounge access card is more of an elite status symbol which is automatically going to get you better services everywhere you use your card!

    Start living the lifestyle you deserve and take advantage of having your airport lounge access card with all the extra privileges and apply now!

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