American Express Black Card

When you’ve earned an elite status and it’s time for the luxury you get from the American Express Black Card (Centurion Card) the first thing that frustrates elite applicants just like you is the lack of an application to join.

The American Express Black Card is by invitation only to existing American Express Platinum Card clients. The first thing you must do to get into the Amex Black Card membership is apply for the Platinum Card right now.

If you want the American Express Black Card because you want to be instantly recognized as a VIP elite status member of society there’s another exclusive membership you can apply for right now, the Visa Black Card is equally as elite however you don’t have to wait to receive an invitation.

Here are the world’s most elite credit card offers you can get today:

American Express Platinum
Visa Black Card

American Express Black Card Requirements

The American Express Black Card requirements make it quite difficult to get a Centurion Card in your wallet. You can read our full review of the American Express Black Card Requirements here to get more details.

Here is a brief summary of the American Express Black Card requirements you’ll need to meet to receive your invitation.

To qualify for your elite status Amex Black Card:

  • You Must be an Existing American Express Platinum Card Member First
  • You’ll need to spend $250,000 / Year on your Platinum Card
  • There will be a $5,000 sign up fee you need to pay
  • Pay the $2,500 annual fee
  • Apply now for the Platinum Card to get started on your path to receive an invitation to join the American Express Black Card membership.

    American Express Black Card Alternative

    Black cards are the most prestigious credit cards you can get and the American Express Black Card is no longer the only kid on the block.

    Visa has created their own elite credit card, the Visa Black Card, you get the same elite status symbol and services in you’re wallet with the Visa Black Card as you do with the Amex Black Card.

    The biggest different being you can apply for consideration into the Visa Black Card membership which is available to only an elite 1% of the population!

    When you apply for the Visa Black Card you’ll get the same luxury services such as travel benefits, a personal concierge service and you’ll also get the added benefit of getting cash back on top of the elite credit card services.

    You’ve worked hard to earn your elite status and now it’s time to take advantage of the benefits the American Express and Visa Black Card offers have for you right now!

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