Journey Student Rewards from Capital One – Student Card Review

Journey Student Rewards Review

Journey Student Rewards from Capital One Review of Benefits

The Journey Student Rewards from Capital One is a student credit card from Capital One which is geared towards helping students to both build their credit for after graduation and to learn how to use credit properly. It’s a small cash-back credit card which rewards you for paying the card responsibly.

With the boom in students who need credit cards in order to do things like pay their bills and build up their credit history for after graduation, there is a lot of competition for their business. Credit cards are a necessary evil for many students; without them, post-graduation becomes harder because it’s more difficult to do things like get car loans, home loans and improved credit cards, even when you land a great job. This is why it’s important to start using credit responsibly as a student and use these years as a way to learn how to use it responsibly. So how can the Journey Student Rewards card help?

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It’s About the Journey

The Journey credit card is a cash back rewards card which gives you extra rewards for paying your bill on time. You get 1% cash back on all of your purchases-no keeping track of categories and no trying to sneak in bonus cash back which makes it easier for busy students to manage. But students also get a 25% bonus on your cash back if you pay your bill on time! This is done to encourage students to pay their bill on time which is the best way to build up a credit rating.

You can redeem your cash back in one of three ways: a check, an account credit or as a gift card which you can use to get merchandise. Redemption is easy; you just have to call the Rewards Center and have them do it, redeem online or set an automatic threshold for your redemption (such as every $20.00). It’s completely up to you! Keep in mind that these cash back rewards expire if you close your account or are delinquent in paying off your account-plus you won’t get the bonus!

You also get text or e-mail alerts to remind you to pay your bills, access to your credit score and tracking tools and a $0 fraud liability clause if your card is lost or stolen.

All in all, the Journey is a fairly basic cash back card, though the extra bonus for paying your bill on time is nice.

The Cost of the Journey

The Journey Student Rewards from Capital One has no annual fee, but also no introductory interest rate on purchases or balance transfers, so make sure you use this card for small purchases, not for something huge. The APR on this card is competitive, but it’s not low by any stretch, so it’s a good idea to keep on top of your balance. However, there is no foreign transaction fee, making this a great card if you intend to do some traveling, which many a student enjoys doing!

The Journey Student Rewards from Capital One isn’t the best student rewards card out there, but it is a solid one with easy to get rewards and extra rewards if you pay your bill on time. If you are looking for a card that you will be able to get with an average credit rating, decent rewards and no annual/foreign transaction fees, then this could be the card for you. You can apply for the Journey Student Rewards from Capital One here and enjoy!

5 / 5 stars     

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