Chase Freedom Credit Card

People that completed our credit card questionnaire told us they loved the chase freedom credit card because of the bonus cash back deal that’s happening right now.

What people loved most about the Chase Freedom Credit Card offers is the bonus cash back rewards program featuring either a $200 bonus cash back deal or a $100 bonus cash back deal.

Let’s explain the difference between the $200 and the $100 bonus cash back cards.

The $200 cash back Chase Freedom card gives you a $200 bonus cash back reward after you’ve made $500 in purchases on your card in the first 3 months of your account opening.

When you apply for the $100 cash back bonus Chase Freedom credit card you’ll get you’re $100 cash back bonus by spending the same amount as the $200 bonus cash offer.

So what’s the difference between the 2 Chase Freedom credit card offers?

The difference between the 2 cash rebates Freedom Card offers is when you apply for the $100 bonus cash back deal you will also enjoy the benefits of a 0% intro APR that will help you pay down balances faster than you ever imagined possible.

Chase Freedom Credit Card – Ongoing Cash Back Rewards You Get

Now that you know the differences between each of the Chase Freedom Credit Card offers, it’s time to talk about the similarities each card has.

The only difference between the $100 bonus cash back and $200 cash back Freedom Card rewards offers is one, the $100 bonus cash rewards offer, gives you a 12 month 0% APR on your balance transfer plus 6 months on your card purchases.

Both Chase Freedom Credit Cards give you an excellent cash back rewards program which features:

  • Earn 5% Cash Back on Gas Station Purchases and
  • Bonus 5% Cash Back Rewards on Rotating Category Purchases – Earn 5% on new categories every 3 months
  • Get up to an additional 10% cash back bonus when you shop at select merchants through the online shopping mall
  • Earn 1% unlimited cash back rewards on ALL your Chase Freedom Card purchases!
  • Chase Freedom Credit Card $100 Cash Back Bonus Offer – Who Should Apply?

    If you currently carry a balance on another credit cards that’s between $1500 and $2000 then the best Chase Freedom Credit Card offer you’re going to get the most benefit from is the $100 bonus cash back offer because of the 0% intro APR on your balance transfer for 12 months and because of the 0% intro APR on your Freedom Card purchases for 6 months.

    Who Should Apply for the Chase Freedom $200 Cash Back Bonus Deal

    The Chase Freedom credit card with the $200 bonus cash back is the best Chase credit card for people without an existing credit card balance to transfer because you get the most bonus cash rewards and ongoing rewards.

    Chase Freedom Credit Card Review Summary

    In the credit card questionnaire we polled people on about their Chase Freedom review, the results overwhelmingly stated people just like you loved getting the bonus cash back rewards along with the ongoing 5% cash back at gas stations, plus the bonus rewards of 5% back in categories that rotate every 3 months.

    To earn the most from the Chase Freedom Credit Card offers all you need to do is apply now and plan your spending around the rotating 5% bonus cash back categories.

    You’re also going to love the fact there is No Annual Fee when you apply for a Chase Freedom Credit Card right now!

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