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Are you a Browns fan, standing tall after a couple of victories?

Then show your love of the game and your love of the team with the right credit card. The Cleveland Browns credit card, part of the NFL Extra Points series from Visa Barclays is a great way to easily show your love for the team and get rewarded.

Here is a summary of the benefits you get when you click below and apply online today:

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Cleveland Browns NFL Credit Card Rewards Review

Stand Tall with the Browns

Cleveland Browns Credit Card Review

Cleveland Browns NFL Rewards Credit Card Review

Although the Cleveland Browns don’t exactly have a storied history of success, they have been doing better in recent games, moving them up the football food chain with victories against the Cincinnati Bengals and the Minnesota Vikings to tie their losses against the Miami Dolphins and the Baltimore Ravens.

The team also has gained a shot of confidence; although they traded away Trent Richardson who was one of their star runners, the work of teammates like Brian Hoyer and Josh Gordon have boosted the game and while it may seem experimental for now, it seems to be working for them, at least for the moment. Only time will tell how it will work out as the season goes on, but for now, the Browns are looking pretty good.

Support the Team with the Cleveland Browns Credit Card

The Cleveland Browns credit card features an orange football helmet on a brown background and is a points reward style card. You can earn 2 points/$1.00 spent in the stadium or pro shop and 1 point/$1.00 spent everywhere else. You also get 10,000 bonus points if you spend at least $500.00 in the first three months and you get interest free financing on tickets and season tickets worth $500.00 or more. Finally, this card gives you a 20% discount on purchases made at

You can redeem your points for things like football tickets, Super Bowl tickets, swag or for statement credits that can applied to things like airline tickets or hotel stays. You can even get VIP experiences which are one of a kind and worth spending some points on every so often!

As a niche card, you won’t be looking at much for good fees when using this card. It has an APR that is either moderate or rather high depending on your credit worthiness and there is no introductory APR on purchases or balance transfers, so you won’t be saving money here. On the other hand, this card has no annual fee which is always a nice thing to avoid when you can.

This credit card is a great card for people who love the Cleveland Browns and love the game. If this sounds good to you, then apply for the Cleveland Browns credit card today!

5 / 5 stars     

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