Review of the Fingerhut Credit Card

Fingerhut Credit Card Review

Review of the Fingerhut Store Credit Card

It’s a terrible conundrum for many people nowadays. In order to do many thing like book a hotel, get car rentals and in some cases even get rental property, you need to have a credit card. However, in order to have a credit card, you need to have a credit rating that warrants getting that card which you can only get by showing that you are responsible with a credit card. Basically, you need to have had a credit card in order to get a credit card.

Fortunately, (or unfortunately depending on your level of responsibility!) plenty of companies have stepped up to fill in the gap (and make a buck) by offering credit cards to people with low or terrible credit scores, marketing them as a way to help people rebuild their credit. Another way that companies pull this off is by offering company specific credit cards which are easier to get but are limited in that you can only use that card in that specific store. Such is a credit card like Fingerhut credit cards.

What is Fingerhut and their Credit Card?

Fingerhut (aside from having a slightly unfortunate name…) is an online catalogue of goods which has its roots as a mail order catalogue company. Fingerhut offers a large number of things now, from furniture to towels, from dishes to tools and like many online retailers, it offers all kinds of bargains, deals, specials and promotions to help you get more for less money.

Fingerhut is also one of many online retailers which offer its own credit card. Most big box stores now-online and offline-offer their own credit card which can be used in those store to purchase things. Fingerhut is no different. They offer a credit card which can only be used when you are purchasing things from Fingerhut and nowhere else. And like other retailers, you can apply for this credit card and be accepted by the program even if you have very poor credit. So long as you use the card properly: pay it off regularly, use it regularly and accept the periodic credit increases, you can build up your credit history and be accepted into other credit card programs in the future.

Fingerhut is well known for offering regular increases to your limit so that while you start with only a few hundred dollars you can easily get quite a bit more over the long run. And of course as long as you use this card properly, you can also build up your credit card history.

The Downsides of Fingerhut Credit Card

While Fingerhut credit card is great for improving your credit history and of course is used for purchasing all of the things found on Fingerhut’s catalogue, it does have some things to keep in mind when you’re using it so that you don’t run into trouble.

First of all, like any store credit card, the Fingerhut card has a fairly high APR; about 24% which is a pretty whopping interest rate to keep track of! It’s therefore a good idea to pay off your credit card every month and try not to carry a balance. You cannot do cash advances or balance transfers with this card, so there are no APRs associated with that. You also don’t get any sort of introductory rates; the APR you get on purchases is what you get. On the other hand, this card has no annual fee, so you can save a bit of money there. It’s also not a secured credit card so you don’t have to put down any money in order to use the card in the first place.

Using this credit card means that you are tied to the Fingerhut store, so make sure that you actually want to shop with this place and that you’ll do it regularly enough to actually make use of the credit card and build up your rating. Fingerhut is one of those larger online places with middling sorts of reviews from shoppers and a variety of experiences, so make sure that you are actually going to use this service before signing up for any credit cards.

Fingerhut isn’t a bad place to do your shopping, particularly if you’re looking for deals, and if it suits you as a shopping area, then getting the credit card tied to it may not be a bad idea. It is very easy to get and can help you boost your credit score. If you’re going to shop at Fingerhut anyway and you want to increase your credit score, this credit card is a good way to do it. You can apply for it here and enjoy!

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