Review of the LANPASS Visa Signature Card Rewards Offer

The LANPASS Visa Signature Card is a travel credit card geared for those with an excellent credit rating, a love of rewards, and a well seasoned traveler.

In other words, it’s the perfect card for the travel bug with money to spend and rewards to gather without paying through the nose for them.

This card gives you miles on everything you buy, plenty of bonuses, discounts, and perks of being a signature card member. If all of this sounds intriguing to you, what should you know about this travel rewards credit card?

4.5 / 5 stars     

About LAN Airlines

This card is one of a couple of cards put out by the US Bank which is tied to the LAN airlines. The US Bank has been focusing less on partnerships with huge airlines and more on partnerships and promoting smaller airlines which mean better deals for customers and far more options in where you buy your tickets.

LAN represents one of these partnerships; the airline is a smaller one based out of South America, though now there are airlines in the USA based out of places like Miami.

They mainly fly to parts of the coastal states, Mexico, Europe, Oceania, South America and the Caribbean and Polynesia, meaning that by and large, if you’re looking for warm adventures, this could be the airline to get you there!

Benefits of the LANPASS Visa Signature Card

The LANPASS credit card gives you plenty of rewards for your patronage! First of all, this is a Miles rewards card, meaning that you earn miles with the money you spend on the card which can then be redeemed. You get 1 Mile /$1.00 you spend (2 Miles/$1.00 spent on LAN tickets) and furthermore, a 20,000 bonus on your first card use and 4,000 miles on the anniversary of your credit card. These Miles of course can be used to purchase airline tickets through LAN Airlines and the Miles conversion to your ticket is considered to be fairly decent; you can start getting flights at 10,000 Miles.

On top of this, you also get other flight rewards. These include 20% discounts on LAN purchases (up to $1,000) once a year, 3 on-way upgrade coupons per year and a 25% flight mile bonus on every LAN or affiliate flight as long as you have spent at least $15,000 per year.

Furthermore, as a VISA Signature card holder, you also get the perks of that program. This includes concierge services, no preset spending limit, Travel and shopping perks, exclusive access to sports and entertainment events and insurances like travel accident and emergency assistance. It’s an all around great card for travellers, particularly those who love a tropical get-away.

Fees for Using the LANPASS Visa Card

This card has an annual fee of $75.00, though this is waived in the first year of owning the card. This means that as long as you intend to use this card regularly, it should pay for itself every year between the flight rewards and the VISA signature card perks.

This card has a very variable APR which will depend on your creditworthiness; it ranges from being fairly low to being above standard for a card of its type. The APR for cash advances is high, so try to avoid doing this as much as possible. And finally, there is no introductory APR at all, so don’t look to this card as a way to save you money on existing debt! Being as it’s more of a niche card anyway, this is only to be expected.

US Bank is also a bit touchy about applicants; you need to have a very good credit rating in order to be accepted, it helps to have already worked with US Bank before (such as holding a mortgage or car loan), and make sure you haven’t had recent inquiries with them before. Even though it is more of a niche card than others, you still have to make sure you adhere to US Bank’s standards and of course, make sure that you can actually make the most of the card.

If you like to fly with LAN Airlines, then this is a great card to use. You can get rewards fairly easily, enjoy discounts and perks by using your card and of course, get all of the benefits of being a Visa Signature card member at the same time. Just keep in mind the annual fee and the fact that this is a specialized credit card and you should be able to make the most of it. If the LANPASS Visa Signature card sounds good to you, apply here today and enjoy!

4.5 / 5 stars     

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