Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card Review

The Marriott Rewards Premier credit card is a hotel rewards credit card tied to the Marriott line of hotels.

It’s considered to be one of the best ones because of the HUGE rewards you get for using it and because of things like free night stays, upgrades and elite offers for membership. What should you know about this credit card?

Here is a list of the benefits you get from the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card offer when you apply online today:

4.5 / 5 stars     

Benefits of Applying for the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card

This card uses a point rewards system where you gather up points that can then be redeemed for a variety of rewards. There are a few different ways to gain these points:

  • A whopping sign-up bonus of 50,000 points after spending $1,000 in the first three months of owning the card. This equates to a $500.00 credit which is the most of pretty well any card of its kind.
  • 5 points/$1.00 spent at any Marriott location
  • 2 points/$1.00 spent on airline tickets, car rentals and restaurants
  • 1 points/$1.00 spent anywhere else

    As you can see, it’s almost too easy to gather up plenty of points!

    Furthermore, you get 1 free night stay when your account is approved at category 1-4 hotels, 15 night credits towards Elite status (which gives you more benefits in Marriott hotels) every year, plus one more elite night credit/$3,000 spent and another free night upon the anniversary of your credit card ownership at category 1-5 hotels. Staying at the Marriot, even higher end hotels, has suddenly become a lot more affordable!

    You can redeem these points for things like airline tickets, car rentals, hotel stays and even for things like gift cards and merchandise. And you don’t have to travel on a specific airline to redeem; Marriott has partnerships with plenty of airlines. You can even redeem for things like magazine subscriptions and charity donations if you like. Redeeming online is quick and easy.

    Obviously all of these perks are geared towards people who are going to be customers of the Marriott hotel chain; fore example, getting the Elite Night Credits are only going to be beneficial for those who stay at these hotels to enjoy the membership status anyway! Getting to Elite status is great because you can get more privileges and benefits, such as the ability to get priority late checkouts, discounts, free internet access, continental breakfasts and gifts! So it’s worthwhile for regulars to get more from their stay and the Premier credit card can help you get there faster.

    Do keep in mind that that this is a highly specialized credit card; it won’t do you much good at all if you don’t stay in Marriott and partner hotels or travel regularly.

    How Much Is This Offer Going to Cost Me?

    Here’s a review of the fees for using the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card:

    There are a few fees to keep in mind. This card does have an annual fee of $85.00 which is waived in the first year.

    It’s high for a specialized credit card, but keep in mind that the sign-up bonus alone does effectively pay for it about six times over.

    So it is probably worthwhile for the right people, in particular people that love to stay at Marriott Hotels while on a family vacatioin or business trip.

    Furthermore, there is a high APR charge on any late payments, exceeded credit limits and unpaid return payments, so make sure you pay your bills properly and don’t overdo your limits!

    The cash advance fee is also quite high at 4% or $10.00 depending on which is higher, so use it sparingly. Cash advances on a credit card are generally a bad idea anyway regardless of what card you hold!

    However, there is no foreign currency transaction fee (great for traveling abroad!) and the standard APR shades towards the low side for a credit card of this type. Unfortunately, there is no introductory APR on anything.

    If you’re a regular customer of the Marriott chain of hotels, then this is a really good card to have in your pocket. It’s great to be able to earn rewards and points faster and to move up in membership status quicker. Points are easy to gather up and fairly easy to redeem plus you get quite a bit of flexibility in doing so. In fact, as far as a specialized credit card goes, this one is considered to be one of the best ones around so it’s well worth looking into. If all of these things sound good to you, apply for the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card today and enjoy!

    4.5 / 5 stars     

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