The New York Jets Credit Card Rewards Offer Review

The New York Jets credit card is an easy and great way to show your fandom and get rewarded for it. This card is part of the NFL Extra Points series of credit cads through Barclays and Visa. Featuring a fairly simple design of a red oval with the NY Jets in the middle, this simple and elegant forest green card is the perfect way to show your loyalty to the Jets.

Here’s the rewards you need to know about when you want to show off your team colors in you wallet. There are lot’s of really great rewards to be had when you apply online today. Check out the perks you get:

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New York Jets NFL Rewards Credit Card Review

Bringing Respect Back to the Jets

New York Jets Credit Card Review

New York Jets NFL Extra Points Rewards Card Review

The Jets have been making huge strides in gaining back its former glory and it’s main problem now is that it’s become it’s own worst enemy! The main problem is more penalties and more turnover points, though the Jets had more turnovers in the game against the Lions. The score now stands 2-2 for Jets, which is pretty respectable for a team that is still working on getting its respect.

The New York Jets credit card is a great way to let you take a small part in that ascension. This is a rewards points style credit card which gives you points for money you spend. You can earn 2 points/$1.00 spent in stadium or in the pro shop and 1 point/$1.00 spent everywhere else. On top of that, you get 10,000 bonus points if you spend $500.00 in the first ninety days of owning the card. These points can be redeemed for things like memorabilia, foot ball tickets, Super Bowl tickets and VIP experiences. You can also redeem it for statement credits on your card that can applied to other things, including cash.

This card also gives you some fringe benefits, including a 20% discount at the and six months interest free financing if you spend at least $500.00 on football tickets and season passes.

Paying for Respect

So what are you looking at in terms of fees when it comes to the New York Jets credit card? This card has no annual fee and one of two APRs: moderate or high, depending on your credit worthiness. However, there is no introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers and the fees for things like lateness and foreign transactions are fairly standard. These fees means that this card isn’t the most affordable one around, but they’re not terrible either.

If you’re a fan of the New York Jets and you want to be rewarded for it, then this is the card for you. You can apply for the New York Jets credit card here and enjoy.

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