Account Now Gold Visa Prepaid Card Review

Account Now Gold Visa Review

Account Now Gold Visa Prepaid Credit Card Benefits Review

The Account Now Gold Visa Prepaid Card isn’t really a credit card at all; it’s a prepaid debit card with many of the advantages of a credit card and the flexibility and affordability of the average checking account.

If you’re looking for a flexible alternative to a checking account or you just want the ability to do things like online shopping or booking without worrying about a slow descent into debt death, then this could be the card for you. What should you know about the Account Now Gold Visa Prepaid card?

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The Convenience of a Credit Card, the Safety of Debit

One of the big problems that many people have today is that they need a credit card in order to do things like shop online and pay bills remotely, but they don’t want or can’t have a credit card. For those in this quandary, a good prepaid debit card can be a real benefit. You get the ability to do things like pay your bills and buy your favourite stuff online, but since you can only spend what you put on the card in the first place, you can’t really go into debt. There is no interest rate for example and you cannot break your budget into a million pieces (at least not using this route!)

So much for the basic benefits of any prepaid debit card, so what makes the Account Now Gold different? First of all, many of the fees that come with cards like these are pretty well nonexistent with this card. You get free direct deposits, free customer services, free online bill paying, no activation fee (if you sign up for direct deposits), no minimum balance required, no credit checks (you just need ID verification), no late or overdraft fees and no check cashing fees or money order fees, saving you about $510 a year. Plus, when you sign up for direct deposits and deposit at least $500.00/month in two or more consecutive months, you can get a $15.00 bonus. And you can load up to $10,000 on your card.

Furthermore, like some premier checking accounts, you can enjoy a waiving of the usual monthly fees ($9.95) if you load more than $2500 a month! However, keep in mind that things like balance inquiries cost money, ATM withdrawals cost quite a bit of money and even withdrawal declines cost money, so make sure you plan your money uses carefully. There are also fees for things like international ATM withdrawals, bill pay stop payments and express deliveries and even paper statements.

Learning Good Money Habits

Prepaid debit cards have a huge advantage for many people aside from convenience and accessibility; they force you to learn good money habits. The Account Now Gold for example, is accessible to teenagers (with parental consent) and becomes a great way for teens to learn early about properly planning their finances.

Parents can track their child’s spending and teens learn how to handle their money safely with the safety net of not worrying about getting into debt or high interest rates. However, keep in mind that a card like this won’t help you improve your credit score or rating; you still need to have regular credit to build your rating.

Still, if you’re looking for a way to get many of the conveniences of a credit card without worrying about a debt load, you want to teach good money habits to others or you just don’t feel comfortable with a credit card, a prepaid debt like the Account Now Gold may be just what you need.

The Account Now Gold Prepaid Visa card is a great way to get both the benefits of a great checking account and the benefits of a credit card-albeit, only the ability to shop wherever Visa is accepted. It’s a safe way to do things like go shopping online and a convenient way to pay your bills. So if you’re looking for a basic and best of both worlds situation, then apply for the Account Now Gold Prepaid Visa card now!

4 / 5 stars     

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