Priceline Visa Credit Card Review

Priceline Visa is the credit card offered to earn rewards at, which is an online travel booking site.
The travel booking itself is a fairly normal sort of site which offers discount travel deals, but it’s the only one which also offers a credit card on the side. The Priceline Visa is issued through Barclays bank and has some solid benefits for people who want to travel for even cheaper!

Check out the list of benefit you get when you apply online right now for the Priceline credit card:

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PriceLine Visa Card Review of Benefits

The Priceline Visa credit card is a rewards style credit card tied directly to this travel site. It offers points for purchases which can then be redeemed for hotel stays, airline tickets, car rentals, gift cards or anything else you can buy with your card.

The rewards points break down as follows:

5x points for Name your Own Price Purchases which is the bidding system where you can save a bundle on travel purchases just like sites like Ebay do.

2x points on everything else!

5,000 bonus points on your first purchase

These points can then be redeemed for airline tickets, hotel stays, electronics, gift cards and many more things through the Priceline website.

While these rewards aren’t as extensive as many other credit cards, they are very good if you use regularly anyway. It’s nice to get freebies for doing what you would be doing anyway when it comes to your travel!

Are There Any Fees on the PriceLine Visa?

The Priceline Visa card also has some great benefits in so far as how much money you’ll be looking at spending for use. The card offers a 0% APR on balance transfer for fifteen months and no annual fee at all. The APR is also fairly standard for a credit card and even more reasonable for a hyper niche specific credit card.

All in all, the Priceline Visa card is a fairly decent card if you utilize regularly. It is a niche card, so make sure that you are actually going to use Priceline before applying this card. If you are, then this card will help you save money on your trips and purchases using its points system.

You can apply for the Priceline Visa credit card using our secure application links at the top of this page. Enjoy!

4 / 5 stars     

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