The SKYPASS Visa Signature Credit Card Review

US Bank has an interesting way of offering a wide range of credit cards to its users: instead of chasing around after the huge airlines of America, the bank has instead been snapping up partnerships with smaller and global airlines and the SKYPASS Visa Signature Credit Card is one of the signs of these partnerships.

Like the LANPASS, the SKYPASS is a card which gives users benefits to help them fly a certain airline (in this case Korean Air) more easily and get more rewards for doing so. Korean Airline does fly out of many major cities all over the world, so if you’re looking for something a bit different from your credit card, what should you know about the SKYPASS Visa Signature credit card?

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Benefits Review of the SKYPASS Visa Signature Credit Card

The SKYPASS is a travel reward credit card tied to the Korean Air airline. As a result, if you don’t fly with Korean Air and you have no intention of changing over, this will not be the right card for you; if on the other hand, you want or do fly with this airline, this could be a great addition to your wallet!

The SKYPASS offers Miles as its reward which can e used to buy airline tickets and other benefits. You can get a lot of miles every year, making it easier and more affordable to fly regularly. To start, you can earn 15,000 Bonus miles on your first purchase with your card and 2,000 miles at the renewal of your card (six to eight weeks after paying your annual fee), and Miles on all of your purchases. These come to you to the tune of 1 mile/$1.00 spent and 2 Miles/$1.00 pent on Korean Air ticket purchases. You can also combine these miles with the SKYPASS flight miles you earn for being enrolled in the airline’s frequent flyer program. There is no cap on the miles you can gather up and you can redeem them at any time for tickets and upgrades with Korean Air and partners through SkyTeam.

Not only do you get the Miles, but you can also enjoy two Korean Air VIP lounge tickets per year and get Morning Calm Club membership which gives you other perks when you fly Korean Air. These include things like exclusive check-in, extra baggage, priority listings, and the ability to use the lounge.

And as a Visa Signature member, you also get the benefits of that club which includes things like no preset spending, concierge, special offers and dining privileges. And of course, you also get things like fraud protection, travel assistance, travel insurance and great customer service. That’s a lot of benefits all wrapped up in one card!

Fees of SKYPASS Visa Signature Card

The SKYPASS does have an annual fee of $80.00 which is not waived in the first year; you’ll have to pay it right away and furthermore, you won’t get your points until it is paid. It has an average sort of APR which varies depending on your credit worthiness between relatively low and average. The APR for cash advances is rather high, meaning that it’s important not to do this unless you absolutely have to. The annual fee and lack of introductory rates does mean that you should use this card regularly in order to make the most of it, but you shouldn’t use it for things like balance transfers or cash advances since it will cost you too much.

The SKYPASS Visa Signature credit card is a great rewards credit card for people who travel Korean Air regularly and want to be rewarded for it. With a relatively generous rewards scheme and plenty of extra perks, this card is the one for people who will fly this airline enough to make the fees worthwhile. If all of this sounds good to you, you can apply for the SKYPASS Visa Signature credit card here using the secure application link near the top of this blog review post!

3.5 / 5 stars     

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