The US Airways Premier World MasterCard Review

The US Airways Premier World MasterCard isn’t quite as exciting as many other travel rewards credit cards, but it does offer a few perks that make it stand out against the rest of them.

This particular credit card is hooked to the US Airways and it gives you some great loyalty perks for flying with this airline regularly. If you are a frequent (or at least regular) flier, how can this card help you get to where you need to go with greater ease?

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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s One Heck of a Sign-up Bonus!

As a travel rewards card, and specifically an airline rewards card, you get miles geared towards things like free flights. The basic rewards system is actually fairly mediocre; you get 1 mile/$1.00 spent on everything other than US Airways purchases where you get 2 miles/$1.00 spent. It’s not very exciting.

Where this card shines in terms of the miles is the extremely generous sign-up. You get 30,000 bonus miles after your first purchase or balance transfer. The cool thing about this is that you don’t have to spend a minimum amount to get these miles; you could buy a pack of gum! (No, really; I read the fine print and everything!). You can also get additional bonus miles for balance transfers; up to 10,000 to the tune of 1 mile/$1.00 transferred. This is on par with what you get for buying things only you’ll be-hopefully!-saving money on paying the old balance. Keep in mind that in order to get these bonus miles, you have to be accepted into the program and have paid the annual fee.

So, with that pack of gum and a large enough balance transfer, you have enough miles to start flying just in the first couple of months of owning the card. Why? The US Airways Premier World has award travel starting at 20,000 miles for card members; 5,000 fewer miles than before this change. Neat!

As well as the points, this credit card also gives you some great perks. You get flying perks like priority boarding and first class check-in. You get two companion fare tickets/year at $99.00 each, so you can fly with a friend or family member twice a year and their ticket will only be $99.00. You can also enjoy the benefits of being a World MasterCard member including concierge services and a free US Airways Club day pass once a year. Taken all together, you have a credit card that can really help you to fly farther for fare less money.

Does it Pay to Fly Away?

So this card looks great with its benefits, but what will you be paying for the privilege?

This card does have an annual fee of $89.00 and that’s not waived in the first year. And if you don’t pay it right away, you don’t get your bonus points until you do, so make sure you can cover it. This card does have an introductory APR of 0% on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months. This means that you can transfer that money, buy your pack of gum, get all the points, and then so long as you pay it all off within a year, you won’t have to pay interest on anything. After that, you’re looking at one of two APRs; either a somewhat standard one or one that is much higher, depending on your creditworthiness. Keep this in mind as the higher rate is quite high and you don’t want it sinking you into debt.

The annual fee in particular may seem high, particularly when compared to other flight rewards cards, but keep in mind that so long as you pay off your balance regularly, the cheap companion tickets alone make this card worthwhile, let alone the bonus miles, so use this card properly.

The US Airways Premier World MasterCard is a pretty solid card to use if you fly or are going to fly with US Airways regularly. The sign-up bonus is certainly enticing as is the introductory APR period. However, getting rewards after using the sign-up bonus will be an exercise in patience and it’s important to keep on top of your balance so you’re not dealing with a high interest rate. If you think you can manage this and make this card work for you, it’s a great way to get more out of your travel.

You can apply for the US Airways Premier World MasterCard here and enjoy your first free flight soon.

Below are the benefits you get when you apply online for the US Airways Premier World credit card offer today:

The US Airways Premier MasterCard Travel Bonus Rewards Offer – Apply Online Now!

5 / 5 stars     
5 / 5 stars     

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