DealTicker Review is a discount online coupon store based out of Toronto, Canada. The idea is one of group shopping; the more people who buy the coupons or the items, the cheaper everything becomes-rather like the big box stores. In this case, the website searches out things in your particular city and finds ways to save you between 50 and 95% on the things you need. You may even get things for free if you recommend enough people to the service.

Vouchers you purchase are sent to your email address and then you use them at the store offering them. So, for example, if you bought a coupon for jewellery, you would be directed to the site offering that jewellry and be able to use your coupon code when you order the product you want.

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Shopping for Cheap For Everything!

DealTicker offers a huge number of coupons for products, from fashion to home décor to kiddie stuff and even cheaper hotel stays and travel benefits! The business routinely has sales such as Black Friday sales and holiday shopping sales to help you buy what you need and save even more money. And deep discount coupons mean that you can get some items for a steal. Keep in mind that many of the products are ‘inspired by’ big brand names so you’re not going to get the ‘real’ thing, but they’ll look great and they’ll be far more affordable.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many of these deals are very short term; usually only lasting a couple of days or even hours and then the products change over and there are sales on all new things. While this means that you may be able to always find something for someone just by waiting, it also means that if you find a sale on something you like, you’d better grab it or it may disappear. But if you’re looking for deals, it’s easy to find them on this site!

Specialized Deals in Your City

DealTicker will actually cater what it offers based on where you live (somewhat). For example, you can get coupons exclusive to areas such as Toronto, Montreal and Kelowna. DealTicker doesn’t cover all of the cities in Canada (or even the majority of them), but they do cover the major urban centers and many of the deals are available to anyone living in the country anyway. If you can shop in your own city, you may find deals in local vendors that help you shop local and save money—always a good feeling.

Refer a Friend

DealTicker has a nice referral bonus whereby you can get commissions for referring friends. The commission comes in the form of a credit to your account which you can use towards future purchases. If you’re lucky, you could end up getting stuff for free! Keep in mind that the people you refer have to actually buy something in order for you to get the commission, but hey-with deep discount deals, who wouldn’t do a little shopping, particularly with the holidays just around the corner. This is a nice perk for shoppers who enjoy to tell others what they found.

Help a Charity

DealTicker doesn’t only help businesses get more customers by advertising deals for them, nor do they only help consumers save money: the company also picks a charity every month and donates a portion of each deal purchased from the site to that charity. In November, it was the Canadian Council for the Blind.

A Word of Advice…

The cropping up of ‘group coupon’ sites is like weeds; where there’s one, there’s thirty. And many of them, DealTicker included, have their share of complaints. Make sure that before you order anything that you know exactly what you’re getting (including sizes for clothing and shoes), that you keep all of your paperwork, keep up your communication, and make sure you fully understand what you’re shopping for. In the case of hotels and travel, make sure you’re going to use your vouchers soon so that the hotel rooms/travel arrangements will still be available. And don’t be rude to anyone! Many merchants are finding that they’d rather pull out of these services because of rude consumers and that decreases the usefulness of any of these sites, including DealTicker. So keep DealTicker going by helping them help you save money.

We all need some help saving money on the things we want or need to buy. DealTicker is a solid way to get gifts for your friends, family or yourself! From clothing to toys, you can save a huge amount of money and then refer others to your cause and save even more money. Every bit counts! Check out DealTicker for yourself and see how much you can save today.

5 / 5 stars     

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