Entertainment Book Review

There are any number of ways to save money and many companies hopped on the bandwagon of providing consumers with ways to save money (for a membership price or a cost) while at the same time providing businesses with a means of advertising.

Some of these systems are very well known while others are dark horses.

Entertainment Book (EB) is one of those dark horses: it’s a membership group that provides an annual book of coupons to its members, check out the benefits you get when you buy the Entertainment Book right now:

4.5 / 5 stars     

How the Entertainment Book Works

Entertainment Book is different from many other group coupon sites. Instead of downloading coupons, members get a membership card and a keyechain card plus a book full of coupons. You can then clip out the coupons, share them and uses them (you don’t need the card) or you can get special deals for using your card and asking for them without your needing to show the particular page where the deal is.

The book is almost exclusively geared towards entertainment savings. This includes dining, groceries, travel, car rentals, theme parks, theatre, golf, movies, musicals, sporting events, and many other deals that are locally sourced and geared towards letting you enjoy life in your city for less money. Many of these coupons are BOGO (Buy One, Get One free) which makes them a great thing to use with a friend, spouse, family member or child.

Another tool you can take advantage of is the printable coupon certificates which are offered to members on the site every so often. These coupons are available for a short period of time and only for those who have registered their book online.

Keep in mind that all of this comes with a very affordable membership price on top of all of the savings: $35.00/year gets you the book, the cards, a mobile app to search for merchants and access to the online coupons to print. If you live in a city with plenty of participating merchants and you need to do plenty of shopping and like lots of entertainment, the book quickly pays for itself.

Is the Entertainment Book a Scam?

Sure, there are some folks out there the give the Entertainment Book negative reviews, so let’s talk about the negative reviews of this coupon book.

Although the actual book works very well in providing savings, the main problem seems to be in the customer service and renewals.

According to many users, they had their memberships automatically renewed every year and it was hard to opt out. Returns are also mismanaged; the book has to be returned within thirty days (less a $7.95 `restocking` fee), but the day count begins when the book is shipped out. This doesn’t give you much time to send the book back again for a refund if you choose to. A final complaint has been the removal of the Deals on the site which means fewer savings opportunities.

If you’re going to use the Entertainment Book, or any coupon site, make sure that you know whether the locals will honour them and make sure that the coupons are up to date and the merchants still exist! This will alleviate many of the complaints right there.

If you enjoy eating out, taking part in entertainment and saving money, the Entertainment Book Coupon book may be just what you’re looking for. It’s affordable, it quickly pays for itself and it’s easy to use.

Sound good to you? Yeah, this sounds good to me and I’ve personally always gotten more savings out of this coupon book that I paid for it…. I’ve been able to have a LOT more family outtings because of the local deals inside my Entertainment Book.

Because of the awesome family outtings I’ve had and the great coupons inside the Entertainment Book, I am giving this a 4.5 Star out of 5 Star rating.

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4.5 / 5 stars     

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