There are all manner of ‘coupon sites’ on the internet today; it has become a lucrative business that, when done properly, allows businesses to market themselves and attract a wide range of customers and allows consumers to save money by visiting those businesses.

Some of these businesses are scams, some are legit and the most well known of them all is If you’re interested in saving money, is this the site for you?

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How Operates

Here’s how it works:

When you sign up, you’ll be asked where you live and it’s important not to lie here! This is because Groupon works by bringing up deals from your area and offering them to you. You can check out deals in nearby cities too if you like, but most people prefer to do their shopping locally.

Businesses which sign up for the site are encouraged to share coupons to consumers and offer great deals while consumers are encouraged to sign up, take advantage of these deals and continue sharing them in order to ensure that the coupon will actually be made available. IF the coupon gets enough people to buy into it, the deal is on. So, a coupon for a 2 for 1 dinner may need twenty people to buy the coupon for it to actually go through. Consumers buy the coupon (obviously the coupon is cheap enough to make the savings worthwhile) and if enough people buy it as well, the coupon works and away everyone goes.

Groupon goes a step further in encouraging the ‘share and care’ mentality. People who sign up can take advantage of referral bonuses; ten Groupon bucks (a credit you can apply towards purchases) for every friend who signs up and purchases a Groupon. So you can get a double dose of savings if you really push the site onto everyone else around you.

Another facet to consider is the ‘daily deals’; a deal which is, duh, offered daily and can give you up to 90% off prices on things like tickets and restaurants. They are for local activities and you’ll have to sign up in order to see the deal of the day. If you don’t want it, don’t worry; there are countless other ways to save money since Groupon works with plenty of local businesses.

Is a Scam?

It sounds like one doesn’t it? After all, how can something like Groupon offer up to 90% off and stay in business?

There are a few things to consider:

  • Most things are not 90% off; they tend to hover around 50%.
  • Businesses pay Groupon to showcase them; in return, the businesses get (hopefully), new customers.
  • Some people buy into a deal and never use it. Goodness knows why, but it happens.
  • Logically speaking, it’s hard to turn into a scam site, but to bolster the image, there are also plenty of very positive reviews from users who have saved a chunk of change by using it.

    Certainly there are also customers who have a bad time of it, but the problem there seems to be some customer service issues and with the Groupon Goods site; the actual coupon site seems to do a fairly good job of saving people money, so long as people use it properly and know what they’re getting into.

    Keep in mind that the businesses are a separate entity; if they choose not to honour your coupon or you needed to do more to get the deal than you expected, that’s on the business that sponsored the coupon and not the fault of Groupon. (and you’ll know not to go back to them!)

    Tip: If you run into a situation where the business that listed an amazing deal and that business does not honor the coupon, you can file a charge back by calling your credit card company and there’s a good chance you’ll get you’re money back for the rare times companies don’t honor the coupons they sponsored on

    The downsides of Groupon seem to be:

  • Shoddy customer service (plenty of user complaints)
  • may have gotten a tad too big for itself; it cannot always keep up with its coupons and businesses and sometimes things expire before they can be used, but the deal isn’t taken down.
  • These are problems that you can see all over the internet with pretty well every business site imaginable, so Groupon is still worth checking out if you want to save money.

    The idea of group coupons which allow plenty of people to save money and shop locally has been growing in strength, but is definitely one of the most well known and successful in it. If you’re interested in saving more money and doing more in your hometown, then check out for yourself! Enjoy!

    4.5 / 5 stars     

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