Review is a Canadian group coupon website which gives you better deals the more people who sign onto it and use it.

Much like sites like Groupon, this site offers discount coupons for local businesses to help consumers save money on things like merchandise, gift certificates and even travel!

In fact, while plenty of the coupon sites do well enough in the realm of offering cheaper gift certificates for things, it is actually in travel where TeamBuy excels, though this may have been by accident.

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What is TeamBuy?

TeamBuy is a Toronto based online coupon purchasing site. Basically, it relies on the idea that the more people who buy into something, the cheaper the price becomes for everyone. To that end, the site offers very cheap discounts on certificates which can then be used in local businesses to get cheaper products and services.

You can roughly choose local coupons, though you can only choose from a few large cities; if you live outside of them, opt for more general savings. TeamBuy was established in 2009, so it’s still fairly new and doesn’t have quite the same level of offerings as other companies; on the other hand, consumers are still safe from being bought out by a larger corporation!

Travel is Cheaper with is one of the few group coupon sites which offers travel deals for cheaper. The company offers a range of travel deals, from the very affordable $45 for a night at the Ramada Plaza Niagara, including a D&B power card and a casino voucher ($215 value) to the very ritzy such as $1998 for a seven night trip to Dubai with a four star hotel and flight included. The site doesn’t offer tons and tons of travel deals, but they do partner up with sites like to offer rock bottom deals on travel so you can satisfy your wander lust without flattening your bank account. Generally speaking, you save between 50 and 60% on travel plans and can go to all different parts of the world and take part in different events. Neat!

Being Smart With

Obviously any group coupon site has its problems and this one is no different. We would be remiss in our duty in this review if we did not point out the fact that you should carefully research what you want, make sure it’s still available and make sure that any coupons you buy are going to be fully useful to you before you buy it; this will save you a lot of headache.

Properly used, TeamBuy can not only save you a great deal of money on travel plans, but can also do things like help you buy merchandise, get gift certificates for things like spas and car maintenance and electronics. offers some pretty good deals, particularly in the realm of travel where you can save close to 60% on some nice global travel deals. So long as you use it intelligently and do your research, you can save quite a bit of money in all kinds of Canadian stories and services. If nothing else, it will make your holiday shopping a lot easier!

Check out today and see how it can help you make your money stretch farther.

5 / 5 stars     

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