Identity Protection Service Review Identity Theft Prevention Service is, as you likely already know, an identity theft protection service to help you keep tabs on your credit file. LifeLock is a paid service which monitors for attempts of somebody trying to steal your identity and ruin your good name.

In a nutshell, detects any threats to your identity and alerts you to any suspicious activity happening on your credit file and in the event of your identity getting hijacked, Life Lock will help you restore your good name every step of the way.

Below is a review of the benefits you get when you sign up for LifeLock:

Why You Need to Subscribe to

For the small price to pay for LifeLock’s service it is well worth the money because on average in America it takes close to 600 hours of effort to restore your credit and your life. has certified resolution specialists to hold you by the hand until an attempted identity theft is resolved. Review of Benefits

As stated above, when an identity is stolen, it takes the average American close to 600 hours of effort to restore your credit and your good name.

Not only is having an attack on your identity VERY time consuming, it’s also a very emotionally draining experience to go though, trust me on this, I know the emotional pain first hand as a victim of identity theft myself. It’s such an awful feeling when your identity has been stolen. When it happened to me I found out when I was trying to buy groceries and my debit and credit cards were declined due to having an NSF message appear at the point of sale terminal when I knew my credit card was paid up and my debit card should have worked as I knew I had plenty of cash in my account.

However, my credit cards had been maxed out and my bank account had been drained due to an identity thief that successfully stole my identity. Fortunately, the bank got my money back into my bank account and reversed all the charges on my credit cards.

But during the weeks of dealing with restoring my good name and going without access to my bank account or credit cards during the time the bank and police were chasing down the truth about what happened, I was without money to buy groceries, buy gas for my mini-van, it was absolutely horrible not having the ability to buy anything until things were resolved.

Sure I handled this problem on my own but I wish I had subscribed to a service like to not only help me through this horrible situation but likely, Life Lock would have alerted me to the identity theft against me long before things got out of control.

Because of my own experience in being a victim of identity theft, I can’t say enough good things about paying a nominal fee for LifeLock’s identity theft prevention program.

As I alluded to in this review of LifeLock, you can monitor your identity on your own without using however that takes a lot of time and due diligence on your part. To keep an eye on your identity by yourself, you’d have to keep on top of your credit reports by calling the credit bureaus constantly and ordering credit reports.

The fact is in today’s busy world who has time to stay on top of their credit score?

We are simply living in very busy times and for the small price of paying for is needed to give people just like us the peace of mind of knowing our identity is being monitored. It really sucked when I couldn’t buy groceries for my family because I was victimized by this heinous crime.

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