Options Trading Strategies for Beginners & Pros

When it comes to trading binary options there are literally 1000’s of assets to invest in so we’re going to first go over the various types of options you can trade and show you a list of the best online trading platforms on this options trading strategies blog.

Let’s get started now by covering what the two basic types of trades are, calls and puts and then we’ll give you a summary of the best options trading platforms online. Plus we’re going to cover what exactly binary options are so you can get the facts you need to know to choose the strategies you’re going to use.

What Exactly Are Binary Options & What Strategies Can I Use?

When your using binary options trading tactics to make extra money the first thing you need to know is the world of financial trading is sitting at your fingertips.

You can trade options in almost every market including the stock market, foreign currency exchanges (Forex), commodity markets including oil, gold and silver plus a LOT more markets.

All you need to do to have success trading binary options is to get familiar with the assets being traded and make a prediction whether the market you’re betting on is going up or going down. That’s why it’s important to sign up for an options trading brokerage that has live streaming data, so you can see in real time what’s happening in the options markets you are currently trading.

What is an Options Call Trade?

When you’re trading binary options, you are simply make a prediction on an asset and which direction the price is going to go. When you place a call option order it means you have the right to call in (buy) the asset.

You make money on a call option when the asset being traded goes up in price.

What is an Options Put Trade?

When you’re trading a put option it means you are the owner of the asset being traded and it gives you the right to sell the option for a certain price at a specific time.

A put option is profitable for you when the underlying asset drops in price.

What Are the Best Online Companies to Use?

When you’re trading in the various options markets the best brokerage companies to use will have live support and training to help you succeed with your trades. You’re also going to want a broker that doesn’t charge huge fees for using their service to trade.

Below are the top options trading sources to sign up with today:

SimplerOptions – WhenYou Need a Full Options Trading Course

This course is excellent for beginners and seasoned veterans, check out SimplerOptions.com for the education you need


ShareBuilder.com – Best Stock Trading Site for Americans

Questrade.com- Best Stock Trading Site for Canadians

24Option.com – 60 Second Options Trades!

iOption – Get a Deposit Bonus Now!

OptionXP – Easy, Simple & Fast

Attention Beginners – Options Trading Strategies

On this post, we’ve covered the basics you need to know about trading binary options and we recommend that when you are first starting you should start by making minimal trades, like $10 at a time or whatever the minimum trading amount is so you can learn the in’s and out’s of trading various markets.

On that note, the fact is there are so many different underlying assets you can trade, we also recommend that you start by focussing on one financial market and immerse yourself into the market.

The fact is when you’re trading binary options, you can trade commodities like gold, silver and even coffee! You can also trade options in the stock markets as well as trading market indices and depending on where you live you can trade options in the world currencies markets too!

So start with one asset you’re interested in and sign up for a trading broker and start learning by doing with trading small amounts to begin with until you’ve learned the ropes and this could become your path to financial freedom!

Stay tuned for more reviews on companies that specialize in options markets like Forex, stock pairing, financial market index trading and almost every other financial asset you can imagine.

Get started and immerse yourself into learning the ropes because talk minus action still equals zero!

When you are serious about making money in the options market you must take action and join a brokerage today, most have free trading accounts for you to practice with before you start trading real money.

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