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Questrade Review

Questrade Review has been designed to give you the tools and education you need to make informed investment decisions.

Questrade is a Canadian owned and operated discount brokerage firm that is revolutionizing the trading industry for people in Canada, especially if you’re investing in United States securities because what you might not realize is you could be wasting far too much money in currency exchange fees!

Watch the video below to learn more about why is one of the best online trading brokerages in Canada to see for yourself why these guys are leading the way in Canada, it’s not just their low commissions. Check out the video review and read our detailed summary & decide for yourself. Video Review

Why Sign-Up for

The first thing you are going to really like about transferring your investments to Questrade, is the simply fact you can actually see what’s happening with RRSP, your RESP’s, or any other investments you have especially if you are holding any United States securities.

Questrade helps you see the “hidden costs” involved in your portfolio with stocks in US markets, the fact is the cost of the currency exchange is hidden and to fully maximize your return on investment you need to know exactly what the true costs are.

That is just one of the things that makes Questrade one of the best online brokerage firms in Canada.

When you signup for your Questrade account you will get a free live stream of U.S. market data from the Nasdaq basic feed service plus when you submit your orders they are executed fast and by fast I mean at lightning speed because of the direct access to the markets Questrade provides you with.

Another major plus Questrade has is the market research tools they give you such as the market intelligence tool which allows you to simply enter a stock symbol and you can quickly see the company financials, valuation and a lot of other key factors you need to know about along side the latest news about the security you are looking at.

There are other great tools that Questrade provides for you, it’s because of the great tools and innovative platform this company has created for you is why we our review of gets a 5 out of 5 star rating.

5 / 5 stars     

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