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The first thing that really stood out for us while diving into our research to write this Scottrade review was the fact that has devoted an entire department within their organization for customer education.

The great news for you is this means you’ve got a dedicated support team at Scottrade that’s going to make sure you get all the information you need to start using your trading account to buy and sell shares with the comfort of knowing there’s always someone there to help take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know. Video Review of How This Brokerage Works

Here’s a video explaining how Scottrade’s fundamental stock trading platform works:


Scottrade Review of Finding Stock Investing Fundamental Information

Scottrade Review

Scottrade Review is all about long term investing based on the fundamentals of company shares you would like to invest in.

It is very easy to find all the fundamental analysis you need in order to

When you sign-up for Scottrade, you will have access to the fundamental information you need to know for your analysis.

To get start in finding fundamental information using, the first thing you need to do after you sign-up for your online brokerage account is to click on the Quotes & Research tab on the top of the page inside your account.

Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is click on the left side menu of your Scottrade account is click on the Stocks link, then simply enter the name or market trading symbol of the company you want to research and then hit the go button and you’re going to get all the stock trading fundamental information you need to know to make informed long term investing decisions.

Here is what you will see once you’ve logged into your online brokerage account and selected a stock to research.

While checking out the online trading platform Scottrade for this review, what we really like and know you’re going to like as well when you sign up with this online stock brokerage is the ease of navigation inside your account.

When you login to your account you can quickly and easily start researching any company you are thinking about investing in and you get access to a summary chart of the stocks performance plus you get easy access to check out the investing fundamentals of the company.

With a bird’s eye view, you can instantly see fundamental trading data that you need to know about such as the Gross and Net Profit Margins, you also get to see the income statement information about the company as well as the Management Effectiveness.

You can see all this information in the Scottrade review video near the top of this blog post.

It’s already been said in this Scottrade review that when you sign-up for Scottrade, you are not alone in your self directed online trading, this online stock brokerage not only has a dedicated team devoted to helping you, they also give you online access to their knowledge center plus their online community.

What the knowledge center and online community does for you that really makes them stand out as a leader in the online stock brokerage industry is you not only get to learn from their team of experts, you also can talk to other Scottrade members about how they use fundamental analysis to build their wealth.

Being able to get advice from your online stock brokerage firm is a really great thing however what’s even better than that is having the ability to talk to other Scottrade customers about how they use the data they get from their Scottrade trading account.

Our team of financial experts feels conclusively that you will really like the tools and features Scottrade has developed for your trading success!

4.5 / 5 stars     

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