TradeRush Review of one of the Fastest Binary Trading Platform Out There

If you love the adrenaline rush of trading binary options, the you’re going to love what you see in the video review of TradeRush because there simply aren’t any faster options trades out there.

The shortest term you can buy an option for is 60 seconds, within one minute you’ll now if you’re in the money and when you sign-up for Trade Rush right now you can take advantage of one of the very few platforms that gives you the opportunity to win at the options trading game in just 60 short seconds!

Video Review of How TradeRush Works

As you’re about to see, this is trading binary options at it’s best. The platform describes what they are about best in their company name. Yes! Trading binary options with this platform without a doubt is quite an amazing rush!


About 60 Second Binary Options Trading

Before discussing the details about how to buy a 60 second option, we need to explain what a 60 second option is.

A 60 second option is the shortest term you can get when trading options and when you’re putting your money into a deal like this, what the 60 second option means is within 1 minute you know if you’ve made money or lost your investment.

When you’re investing in options, it’s either all or nothing and that’s why options trading is referred to binary options, this style of trading to make money is all or nothing.

The reason this type of trading is referred to as “binary” is due to binary logic. In binary logic, there is no in between, it’s either a 1, a winning trade, or a 0, a losing trade.

Trading options whether it’s stocks, commodities, indices or foreign currencies is different from regular trading in that when a regular trade starts to go down you can cut your losses and pull some money out of your position.

When you’re trading options, there is no “cutting your losses”, you either lose 100% of your initial investment or you win big.

How to Execute a 60 Second Options Trade Using TradeRush

Now that you’re in the know about binary options trading, it’s time to tell you why the platform is one of the best platforms available for people like you that are trying to make money in the markets quickly.

When you sign-up and fund your TradeRush account, you’ll get access to their online options platform that gives you the tools you need to submit your trades and watch your trades in real time with push button ease.

To begin trading options using the TradeRush platform all you need to do is simply register for an account and fund it, then you’re only a few clicks away from feeling the rush of trading options.

Once you’ve set-up your account all you need to do is choose an investment such as a commodity, whether it be oil or gold, or choose a stock market index or any other option you can trade.

To get started trading options on TradeRush, you simply click the asset you want to trade then choose whether you want to place a call or put trade and the amount of money you want to invest in your option, then push the start button and your options order is placed and you can sit back and watch the progress of your trade real time.

Whether you are new to trading options or if you’ve been playing the game for a long time, you’re going to love being able to place your options orders that expire within one minute to make some fast cash.

TradeRush is quickly becoming one of the most popular online options trading platforms largely due to the 1 minute options trades you can place and while we have given the platform a 5 out of 5 star rating, we’d also love to read your Trade Rush review so if you’ve used this platform and want to send us you’re opinion, please feel free to contact us today by submitting a comment here on this blog post.

5 / 5 stars     

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