Zecco Trading Platform Review

The first thing we loved while doing our research to prepare this Zecco review for you is the focus Zecco Trading has placed on make the technical analysis of stocks easy to understand even for people who are new to trading stocks online.

The technical analysis that Zecco does for you goes straight to the heart of the matter in helping you pick your stocks based on the short term supply and demand.

How the Zecco Online Stock Brokerage Works

The Zecco Trading platform is best suited for stock traders who want to make money from day trading and swing trading. Here is a review of how the Zecco trading platform works.

Zecco focusses solely on the short term supply and demand of a stock, forget about all the factors you think you should be looking at, when you are swing trading things like book value and earnings of a company really don’t matter.

All that matters when you are doing short term trading is how much volume is happening with any given stock. If traditional research indicates a stock is undervalued, that’s great for long term investing however when you are swing trading for faster cash returns it really doesn’t matter if the stock is undervalued if nobody is buying it, likewise with a stock that might appear over-valued, if the stock is selling like hotcakes it’s likely going to be a winner for your short term swing trade.

Here are the factors Zecco uses in their online trading platform:

MACD Indicators

What the trading term MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence. MACD is a technical indicator used when trading stocks used to easily see the trends and momentum of a stock you are looking at.

Zecco trading has MACD indicators built into their trading tools so you can make a very informed decision about your swing trade.

Trade Volume Indicators

The volume of stocks trading is a very important factor to know about because the fact is without large trade volumes, it’s going to be difficult to sell your stock and take your profits.

The Zecco trading platform includes the trading volume data you need to know about to make a winning stock purchase or sale for that matter.

Stochastic Trading Indicators

The stochastic indicator is another factor used with the Zecco online trading tools and what this stochastic indicator shows you is if a stock is over-purchased or over-sold.

When the Zecco stochastic indicator shows stocks that are being oversold and that is a very strong indicator that stock is a great buy.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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