What is a Blog?

You keep hearing about blogs and you are wondering exactly what is a blog and how it is different from a regular website.

There really is not big difference between a blog and a regular website in the sense that with a blog you publish pages to the internet like you would with a regular website however a blog is much easier to use because of the abundance of blog tools that make publishing your thoughts, reviews and ideas much easier.

In essence, what a blog is, is a type of website that publishes your articles, writings and musings in typically a reverse chronological order.

FYI, this article about “What is a Blog” is in fact a blog that is published using the most common blogging tool known as WordPress.

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Blogging for Beginners

If you are new to blogging you need to know that you can get free blog hosting by using blogging tools such as Google’s Blogger.com which is nice but if you ever want to make real money from blogging then you really need to get a web host account and domain name.

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Create a Blog Today

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6. How to publish your articles, pictures and videos on your blog

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Incidentally that is one of the coolest things about a blog versus a regular website is the ability to take visitor feedback to give your visitors the best value possible.

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