What is WordPress?

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So what is WordPress, well my friends, WordPress is the ultimate web 2.0 content management system that will give you an edge with your search engine optimization and social media marketing efforts.

WordPress is an open source content management system and is included with most web hosting companies.

Why WordPress as a Content Management System

There are many reasons to use WordPress but the key reason I use WordPress as my blogging content management system of choice is the ease of configuration and publishing.

Not to mention, that because of the immense popularity of WordPress, there are TONS of plugins readily available that allow you to easily integrate almost any additional functionality that you want to integrate into your content management plans and most of these plugins, just like WordPress itself, are ABSOLUTELY free.

When you use WordPress as you content management system you also can easily change your web design layout to instantly create a new look and feel. That’s important for sales conversion rates.

What you can do with WordPress

Whether you have an existing web site or not you really need to consider adding WordPress to your online marketing plans because the power it holds for your search engine and social media marketing efforts.

Next, let’s discuss the search engine optimization and social media benefits of using WordPress.

Search Engine Optimization

The WordPress content management system is highly configurable to give you the best web site structure possible and that plays a VERY important role in your search engine optimization efforts.

WordPress allows you to create the perfect URL structure for your business. Because every business has different needs you must have the flexibility to configure the hierarchal structure of your web presence.

WordPress allows you to customize your blog to exactly fit your business goals.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s interactive web that has become known as Web 2.0, you must have the ability to create 2 way conversations, as I talk about in my book Cashflow Conversation.

When you get involved in an online conversation and answer your customer’s questions guess what happens?

You get more sales, just as in offline retail, when you answer your customers questions and show them the right product or service you offer by talking to them, it is obvious that you will get more sales.

When you use WordPress, the ability to take questions from your customers is built-in and because of the popularity of WordPress there has been a lot of development in comment spam detection with the Askimet plugin.

That means those evil blog spammers do NOT ruin your blog comments and questions.

What You Need to Use WordPress

All you need to get started with WordPress is a domain name and web hosting plan that makes implementation of your WordPress blog easy.

Read about getting a hosting plan with a WordPress Auto Install utility here.

Your next step in creating a successful WordPress blog is to register for the VEO free tutorials that show you exactly how to create a successful blog from concept to completion… You get it all at no cost when you join today.

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