Reward Credit Cards

When you want to take advantage of reward credit cards in 2012 to get more from your credit card spending the first thing you need to consider is what type of credit card rewards you want to earn.

Credit card companies have sub-categorized reward credit cards into 4 main types of reward programs:

  • Cash Back Credit Card Deals
  • Airline Credit Card Frequent Flyer Programs
  • Hotel Reward Programs
  • Gas Credit Card Rewards
  • Cash Back Reward Credit Cards

    The most popular rewards credit cards most consumers apply for are cash back credit card deals because there really are no better rewards than cash back in your bank account!

    Out of all the cash back reward credit cards on the market the best deal going right now is the Discover More Card with $150 bonus cash back.
    When you want to put more money back in your pocket from the benefits that cash back reward credit cards offer you’ll love the Discover More Card offer for several reasons.

    The first reason people love the Discover More Card as their top pick for cash back reward credit cards is the $150 bonus cash you get after making $1k in purchases within the first 90 days of being a cardholder.

    The reason the Discover More Card is one of the best reward credit cards on the market today is the 5% Bonus Cash Back rewards you get for your purchases in categories that change every 3 months.

    Of course earning cash back rewards on all your credit card spending is an awesome perk as well.

    Plus when you apply for the Discover More Card you’ll also get all the rewards we’ve talked about with no annual fee and you can take advantage of getting a 0% intro APR on balance transfers and purchases!

    It’s because of all the benefits you get when you apply now that makes Discover More one of the best reward credit cards going!

    Reward credit cards like this don’t come around everyday, take advantage of this offer and apply now!

    Airline Reward Credit Cards

    Gold Delta SkyMiles CARD HERE

    The next most popular reward credit cards are airline credit card offers because a lot of people look at these cards as a vacation savings program to ensure they earn bonus miles for their vacation.

    If you know you’re going to use reward credit cards to book vacations and you want to earn bonus miles on a frequent flyer program, we’ve found an excellent airline credit card that’s going to get you flying for free fast!

    When you take advantage of the Delta Skymiles deal from American Express, one of the best airline reward credit cards, you can earn 30,000 bonus miles, enough for a free flight!

    Hotel Reward Credit Cards

    Starwood Preferred Guest(R) Credit Card from American Express

    One of the best hotel reward credit cards you can get right now is the Starwood Preferred Guest(R) Credit Card from American Express because of how quickly you can earn bonus points for free hotel stays.

    When you apply for the Starwood Preferred Guest(R) Credit Card from American Express today you will earn 10,000 bonus points as soon as you make your first purchase!

    Then once you’ve spent $5k within the first 6 month using your Starwood Preferred Guest(R) Credit Card from American Express you’ll get another 15,000 bonus points!

    That’s enough points for a free stay at a Starwood Hotel for up to 6 nights! That’s why this offer is simply the best of all hotel reward credit cards!

    You simply can’t get any better hotel reward credit cards anywhere else, apply now for this offer before it’s pulled off the market!

    Gas Reward Credit Cards

    Discover Open Road

    Gas reward credit cards are also very popular, especially for people that have long commutes and are looking for a way to cut down on the high cost of gas.

    The Discover Open Road card gets our vote for Best Gas Reward Credit Cards because you’ll get 2% cash back on your gas station and restaurant purchases.

    As a bonus you’ll also receive a $150 gift certificate after making your first purchase, it’s the extra perks you get that earned Discover Open Road our pick in the category of Best Gas Reward Credit Cards

    Reward Credit Cards – Apply Now!

    The reward credit cards we’ve featured above give you the best reward programs going within the reward category.

    It’s important that you apply right now for these reward credit cards because credit card companies are infamous for taking deals like this off the market without advance notice.

    Start getting ahead with our top reward credit cards and apply now!