Canadian Online Shopping Deals with Free Shipping!

For the most part Canadians have not fully embraced the benefits of shopping online. It wasn’t until this past US Thanksgiving Cyber-Monday sale that the online shopping frenzy our neighbours to the south embrace that Canadian retailers and consumers alike started to take notice of how easy and convenient it is to get deals online.

This year, 2013, Canadian online shopping is hitting record levels. While I’ve personally been shopping online since 2001, most Canadians have kept going to brick and mortar retailers to do their shopping.

Much of the resistance, I believe, in why Canadians haven’t embraced online shopping is the perception that it’s unsafe and the shipping costs for the items you buy online costs too much however both these issues are myths you likely heard an elderly person talk about.

First of all, let’s address the issue of online shopping safety. Online shopping is much safer than handing your credit card to a retailer merchant. The fact is your bank is on top of fraudulent online purchases and will catch somebody trying to use your credit card online long before they could catch evil doers with your offline purchases.

Canadian banks have implemented very sophisticated online fraud detection security measures, so take comfort in knowing your online shopping purchases in Canada are safe and secure.

Tip: When you’re shopping online and about to check-out to make your online purchase, look at your navigation bar and make sure the web site address has a preceding https.

The https means it is an encrypted Secure Socket Layer connection meaning that nobody can steal your personal financial information.

So when you shop online, you are protection a lot more than when you make offline point of sale purchases using your credit card.

It’s time to dispel, the myth of increased cost due to shipping charges. There are several Canadian online shopping merchants that offer free shipping.

Even if you have to pay for shipping with some online Canadian stores, it’s quite often worth paying a small price for the time savings of not having to go into the store.

Yeah, we’re all far too busy sometimes to take the time to get in our cars and go to the store to make our purchases, plus think about the cost of gas and parking etc…

What is the Best Canadian Online Shopping Site?

One of my personal favorite Canadian online shopping sites is

Best Online Canadian Shopping with Free Shipping

5 / 5 stars     

Canadian Online Shopping Deals with Free Shipping

5 / 5 stars     

One of my most frequently visited Canadian online shopping deal website pages is the “Deals Store” page.

If you’re looking for a starting page when you’re looking for online shopping bargains in Canada then you’ve got to check out the deals page.

You can get really good deals on almost everything you’re looking for.

One thing I love to do is scroll through the and check out the deals of the week.

When you visit the Canadian online shopping deals page at you can also check out the deals happening right now by popular categories such as books, movies & music, electronics plus a whole lot more including everything you could ever need for your home.

Other Canadian Online Shopping Deal Sites

As Canadian stores further embrace e-commerce and online shopping deals I will be expanding the very exciting offers available to my fellow Canadians in the newly created “Canada” category on the blog – VEO Report = Very Exciting Offers Report – A blog devoted to helping you get the deals in life you need on everyday expenses.

Here are a few Canadian online shopping discount voucher sites you might be interested in subscribing to, especially if you’re looking for deals from shops in your own hometown.

I created this blog to help people keep more money in their pockets by reviewing everything from financial offers from the major banks to finding deals on your next vacation or even a much needed trip to the spa…

Here’s a list of some Canadian daily deal voucher websites where you could save a lot of money buying the products and services or even the cheap vacation you’ve been looking for and really deserve for cheap!

List of Top Canadian Daily Deal Shopping Sites:

When you join these Canadian deal of the day group buying sites, there’s no cost and no obligation to buy anything.

To take advantage of these sites you should have a list in front of your computer of the purchases you want to make, whether it’s health or beauty products or a really great deal on a flight or hotel for the vacation you’ve been yearning for.

When the right deal comes into your email inbox, jump on it to take advantage of the huge savings sitting at your fingertips!

Here are the best daily deal group buying sites in Canada: (Click Here) – Join Canada’s most popular online shopping voucher deal site and get 50% to 90% off. (Click Here) – Buytopia Scouts, pursues and hunts down amazing deals. (Click Here) – DealTicker is a newcomer to the Canadian daily deal space and is worth joining

You will see more of the best Canadian online shopping site reviews on the VEO Report blog very soon as more Canadian stores further embrace eCommerce.

If you have a really great store you’d like to share with your fellow Canadian please Contact Us and I will get my review team on the case in getting a review published of even more Canadian shopping sites that have really great deals.

Don’t forget the idea behind this blog is to share the best deals out there in Canada, so please only send information about Canadian online shopping stores that are featuring really good deals, this blog is intended to be a site that only features money savings products and services for consumers and small business owners.

I am looking forward to hearing about deal sites you’ve found and if you’re shopping online right now I hope you’ve found a really killer deal, if you have please share it with everybody!

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