If you want your small business marketing efforts to convey the right message and you need your operations to run efficiently and effectively in today’s ever changing economy you’ll need a business strategy consulting firm to help you not only eliminate unnecessary costs to help you with the way you’ve been traditionally doing business but you’ll need a consulting firm that can help you set an action plan for growing your business with internet marketing, information technology, strategic alignment, business funding and essentially your entire organizational effectiveness.

As a small business owner you know you need help but you don’t know where to turn to get the business strategy consulting your company needs to increase profits and productivity but at the same time cutting costs.

The 2 MOST Important Factors in Hiring a Business Strategy Consulting Firm

1. Information Technology Strategic Alignment Assessment:
You will want your business strategy consulting firm to help you align your technology expensive with your vision of your business direction because quite often the biggest problem that exists with strategic alignment issues is information technology professionals are focussed on the latest and greatest technology which they believe is the best solution for your business however you may not be getting the value your IT professionals think you are for your business.

Your business strategy consultant will help you identify areas where you can cut technology costs and operate your small business without missing a beat.

2. Internet Marketing Strategies:
In today’s tough economic conditions you definitely need to cut costs with ineffective information technology costs and redirect that budget to an area of your small business marketing that will help you grow your business.

When you interview prospective business strategy consulting firms you need to make sure they talk about not just cutting costs in your IT expenditures but they should provide recommendations that your costs savings from their recommendations get re-appropriated into internet marketing advertising and tools to help your business accelerate at the speed of light.

Beyond cutting information technology costs and increasing your internet marketing spending for your small business, you’ll want to make sure the business strategy consulting firm you hire provides you with recommendations regarding your current staff that you’d like to keep to assure them their job is safe however their role within your small business will change, so make sure your strategy consultant will address work transition issues with your employees.

If you are ready to schedule and interview with small business management consultants one of the best companies I’ve heard of is Genysis Advisory Services, based out of Oak Park Michigan (in the Detroit area).

I recommend giving Ron Stewart, the President, a call today.

You can reach Mr. Stewart of Genysis Advisory Services at 248-496-9578

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