How do I register a domain and can I register a domain name myself?

The answer is yes you can register a domain name yourself. To register a domain name you can do this at almost every web hosting company but before rushing off and order a domain through a registrar you need to consider a few factors first

1. What Top-Level Domain are you going to use?

There are several top-level domain names and you are probably aware of the common ones such as .com, .org, .net, .info and then you have likely seen country-specific domain names such as .ca for Canada, .us for United States and for UK domains

When you ask yourself the question “Can I register a domain name myself” you now know that you can and it’s for easy to, at the end of this article I will show you the domain registrar and web hosting company I use for domains I acquire for myself and my for my web site design clients .

2. Do you want an email account with your domain name?

Some people simply want basic hosting with an email account attached to their branded company domain name, if you use domain registrars or web hosting companies other than the ones I recommend you will need to check that you are getting the services you are going to need for your company to conduct business online and an email account is just one of the items you will need

3. How to I Choose a Good Domain

Choosing a good domain name is definitely a stumbling block for a lot of entrepreneurial minded people and business owners.

Here are a few tips for choosing a domain

Try to register a domain name that is as short as possible because a long domain name becomes hard to remember for your visitors. Tip: The length of your domain name should be brandable. A good test for domain name length is ask the question “Will that domain name fit on a baseball cap logo?”

Try to register a domain with at least a base level of keyword phrase you intend to target for search engine rankings. Domains with at least the root keyword you intend to target will help with search engine rankings.

An example of this is a domain I own that targets phrases in the financial industry is called – The base phrase in this domain name is Credit

4. What to avoid when you register a domain

Before you build a website you will want to avoid a common pit-fall I have seen many webmaster fall into and that is when they inadvertently register a domain containing another company trademark. Trademark infringement is a major issue so make you register a domain name that is a unique brand that you will build

Where can I register a domain name myself?

Here is where I go to register a domain names and web hosting

Blue Host gives you a free domain with their web hosting. Not only do they give you a free domain name another cool thing is they accept PayPal payments.

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