Constant Contact Review

First Let’s Take a Look at Constant Contact’s Pricing Vs. My New E-mail Autoresponder Service Provider

After reading this review you can decide for yourself what the best solution is for your business

Constant Contact Pricing

Constant Contact Pricing
Check Out Constant Contact’s Pricing Here For Yourself

What you get for this price is just an email autoresponder and notice that as you grow your subscriber base your cost rises

Now let’s take a look at the new online business provider I am using for my daily operations

GoldBar AutoResponder

GoldBar AutoResponder Benefits

GoldBar AutoResponder Benefits

GoldBar AutoResponder Pricing Vs Constant Contact

GoldBar AutoResponder Benefits Vs Constant Contact

In this Constant Contact review you are going to see that perhaps Constant Contact is NOT the best choice of email marketing service provider to build your email list.

Yeah, just like every email marketing service provider Constant Contact Inc wants to appeal to you to sign up now with their seemingly incredibly low start up rates of just 15 bucks


And this is a bit BUT, to get the low rate of just $15 per month that allows you to have a meagre 500 subscribers which successful online entrepreneurs and business owners know is not going to put food on the table.

As a successful online entrepreneur with several email marketing lists with well over 100,000 subscribers I know that when your list grows so does the cost of the email marketing service such as the service that Constant Contact provides.

You see because of CAN SPAM laws that dictate email opt-in legislation email marketing service providers know that it’s going to be darn near impossible for you to move your leads to another company because doing that and the inability to move your lead base to another email marketing service BECAUSE of the requirement of email marketing service providers that force you to have your lead base opt in again to your list.

When that happens that’s the kiss of death for your email lead base.

Because companies like Constant Contact know that they entice you into their email autorepsonder marketing service with an enticingly low introductory rate such as $15/momth but what they don’t highlight is that pricing is for ONLY up to 500 leads

Now when you grow your lead base to in excess of 25,000 subscribers they do not tell you their pricing and that’s when your cost for an email marketing service skyrockets and companies like Constant Contact know you are forced to use their service for the life of your online business endeavours.

In fact, when I used Constant Contact and my lead base grew to a level of 75,000 subscribers suddenly my cost for their email marketing service jumped to a whopping $5,000 / month which started cutting into my margins more than my liking.

Because of their exponential price hikes I decided to hunt high and low for an ethical email marketing service provider that would treat me fairly on pricing without any cost of business surprises and I found the best solution ever when it comes to email marketing autoresponder services and hosting.

For just $25 / month you get an autoresponder AND your website hosting for LESS that the cost of an autoresponder alone.

The provider I have chosen for my online empire is GoldBar,

Get your alternative solution to Constant Contact now and get a FREE 30 Day – Risk Free – Trial Now

Trust me on this, you will thank me later for the thousands of dollars this will save your business every month.

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